Ours vs. Theirs | Nellie’s WOW Mop: The Mop with Moves

Cleaning is always going to be a chore. But now it can be less of one. This mop has got moves to make your floors sparkle with barely any effort at all.

Meet Nellie’s Wow Mop: The oscillating, scrubbing, cordless electric mop.

There’s plenty to like about Nellie’s Wow Mop. It’s powered by a high-frequency motor that creates an oscillating scrub action. It translates to about six scrubs per second with next to no effort from you.

The performance doesn’t stop there. Its lightweight design allows for easy maneuvering, especially around heavy furniture. Plus, there’s no cord to get in your way. It’s even equipped with headlights so you can ensure you mopped up everything in that dark corner of your dining room.

Is Nellie’s more eco-friendly than other mops?

It sure is. Nellie’s features their own eco-friendly cleaning solution that sprays at the press of a button. And its included microfiber cleaning pads are reusable about 100 times. Just throw them in the washing machine after each use.

A woman uses Nellie's WOW Mop to wash her hardwood floors

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Wow! Even Better Than I’d Hoped!

4/21/2019 by Nancy

I received my Nellie mop very quickly after I ordered it but I was away for several weeks and therefore unable to use it. Remarkably, today I received this request for a review and today happened to be my first opportunity to use it. While I cleaned my floor, I was making mental notes because I knew I would want to do a review – because it is a great cleaning tool! I was very happy with the ease with which it cleaned my tiled kitchen floor as well as my bathrooms. It handles easily, cleans under the cabinets very well, gets up against the baseboards, leaving no gap. I have a lot of tiled floor space and was not confident that I would be able to finish the job without running out of charge. No need to worry, I still had three lights when I finished! Great product, I’m very glad I ordered it.

Wow Mop

3/29/2019 by Brenda

Does a great job. Plus it’s a back saver! Mops in half the time!

Easy and Effective!

2/22/2019 by Kathleen A

This mop works well with very little effort. I don’t have to use force to get it to move. But the cordless feature is the best thing about this mop. No more plugging and unplugging a mop just to clean a single room. It charges quickly and holds the charge well.


If you want to make a dreading cleaning task easy and, dare we say it, even fun, let Nellie’s Wow Mop wow you.

Shop Nellie’s and get a mop with moves.

Nellie's WOW Mop, cleaning pads & floor car solution displayed on hardwood floors

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