Laundry Room Organization and Storage Ideas

Short on laundry room organization and storage ideas? No sweat—we’re long on them. With a smarter set-up starring even just one of these so-smart solutions, laundry day can run smoother and the laundry room, however small it is, can stay tidier.

Folded laundry is seen on top of Laundry Guard's washing machine guard rail

Don’t drop the small stuff

Laundry Guard does two key jobs perched on top of a front-loading washer, dryer, or both. It acts as a guard rail to keep wayward clothes from falling behind or in between appliances (probably never to be seen again; RIP, favorite shirt) and it makes this surface a functional worktop for folding and sorting without the worry of losing anything.

  • A woman loads paired dirty socks into the washer
  • a pair of purple socks is clipped into SockDock
  • multicolored socks are seen hanging in a SockDock

So many socks. So few matching pairs.

Or rather: so many socks, so little patience. Ditch sorting and folding (and searching) and turn to SockDock. It keeps socks together during the washing and drying process and all the way back into your wardrobe. Clip dirty pairs of socks to the organizer and when it’s full, toss the whole thing in the washer and dryer. (Really!) It all comes out clean, dry, and still paired up. What will you do with all that sock-pairing time you just saved yourself?

A blue BetterBasket sits full of folded laundry

Take the bulk out of the laundry basket

Laundry baskets are a necessary evil and the next-to-last step of the clothes-washing process. Flexible and foldable Betterbasket takes the typical awkward bulk of baskets out of your laundry space, and it’s partitioned to keep darks, lights, and whites (or his, hers, and kids) separate. Straps mean you carry the load firmly in your hand—not perched on your hip. Best of all? This basket flattens out and folds up to store away.

  • A woman uses LOFT;s hanging laundry rack to hang wet clothes in her laundry closet
  • A close up of LOFTI's hanging dryer rack

Short on floor space, a dryer, or both?

The laundry room layout can be tight at the best of times, with little-to-no space left to pop up a drying rack. Lofti DUO hangs from the ceiling to make the most of all of your laundry space. Pull on the pulley system to access the rack for drying time, and to tuck it back up to the ceiling.

A small laundry room might be tricky to work in, but it’s still totally doable. Tight on space doesn’t have to mean disorganized, as these space-saving and efficiency-boosting upgrades prove. You’ll be glad to have one or more ready to work with you the next time the hamper is full.

Now that you’ve mastered laundry room organization, cut down on detergent by using this money-saving, eco-friendly alternative.

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  1. Looking for a circular style stand for laundry/guest bathroom that I can put cleaning products, and can easily move it when I need to clean the floor. The square styles take up too much room.

  2. I’m not sure we have anything that quite fits that bill, Cat. But, who knows, we just may in the future!

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