Buy It For Life: 16 Built-To-Last Tools

Imagine buying something once and knowing it will outlast its rivals. A sturdy, built-to-last version that’s made for life and as positive for the planet as it is for your free time. While it’s more difficult than ever to find products that last a lifetime, it’s not impossible when you know where to look. Consider this your trusty “buy it for life” field guide to sustainable products.

Going Green: Yard Tools that Last

Every year, the same stubborn weeds rear their leafy heads, setting your landscaping squarely in their sites. Their tough roots bend rakes and shovels, defying removal and making themselves at home in your yard. Don’t give up and wait for winter weather to do your landscaping for you—fight back with these ultra-tough versions of your favorite gardening must-haves.

The Ultimate Garden Set

With the Shaker philosophy (creating things that are equal parts necessary, useful, and beautiful) in mind, Barebones Living products are made with strong, long-lasting materials like tempered stainless steel and walnut to handily dig, weed, till, and tackle other dirty jobs without wearing down. So whether you or someone you know is an avid gardener, you can give them a beautiful, thoughtful present that you know is made to last.

A man changes the position of his Yard-X 5-in-1 garden multi tool

One Garden Tool that Does it All

If misplacing or breaking your hand spade for the 10th time this season has made you want to give up gardening, it’s time to call in the cavalry. The 5-in-1 Garden Multi-Tool from Yard-X is strong and durable, offering surfaces to cut, loosen soil, aerate your garden bed, edge, trim and more. One handle, multiple tools and more space in the shed—the only thing it can’t do is pour you a glass of lemonade after a hard day in the yard.

Relaxing the Eco-Friendly Way

It’s no secret that being environmentally conscious is in—so why not incorporate some of these cool new products that you can have for life.

Four cocktails sit on a serving tray, accented by colored glass straws from Strawesome

Ditch the Plastic Straw

Speaking of that glass of lemonade, why not make it both sweet and clever? Strawesome Reusable Glass Straws replace wasteful, environment-harming plastic versions. And honestly, they look pretty cool while they do. Buy it for life, slide one into your favorite summer beverage, and enjoy smooth sipping with a twist of straight up eco-friendly style. Side benefit: buy it once and you’ll never have to deal with crumpled straw papers in purses and pockets ever again.

A man is seen re-capping his navy beer BottleKeeper

A Cold Brew for Life

If adult beverages are more your post-gardening speed, the Insulated Beer Bottle Holder from BottleKeeper happily works as hard as you do, all without electricity. Simply grab your favorite bottle out of the fridge, pop it in the twist-closure holder, and tackle the yard work without worry. You can count on a delicious cold brew no matter how long it takes to get the lawn mowed. Hint: if you’re trying to coax your partner to do the mowing, this insulator also makes a great incentive.

rain drips down a copper rain chain from Good Directions

A Rain Chain Upgrade

Enjoy the beauty of a summer rain from the comfort of your front porch with this pure copper rain chain. Rather than a plain downspout, the Good Directions Copper Rain Chain guides rainwater from your roof gutter down to the ground across the links of a lovely vertical chain. Over time, water and weather will give the copper a gorgeous green patina, offering a subtle natural accent and undeniable curb appeal.

A brass classic fight bells from Bevin Bells sits mounted on a wall

The Sweet Sound of a Lifetime Guarantee

When it’s time to head inside for some well-deserved dinner, call the family to the table with a tug on a well-crafted Brass Wall Bell from Bevin Bells. The clear, true ring is pleasant, melodic, and perhaps most importantly, very easy to hear. While it won’t call the kids in from several blocks over, it will definitely let everyone in the yard know that it’s chow time.

Sustainable Kitchen, Tasty Prep

With these sustainable kitchen products, the only reason you’ll need to replace them is if your friends and family try to bring them back to their houses after a delicious meal.

A person is seen trimming kale off the stems with Raw Rutes stripping tool

Easier Food Prep… Forever

It’s a fact: garden-fresh greens and herbs taste amazing; woody, stringy stems do not. Separate the yum from the yuck with the handheld Kale Razor and Herb Stripping Tool from Raw Rutes made for life out of durable stainless steel. Use the divot to strip off large leaves like kale and the pierced holes to separate thyme, basil, and other herbaceous leaves. Toss the stems back in the compost pile and you’ll complete the cycle of delicious earth-conscious dining.

Combekk's cat iron dutch oven is built to last for perfect dinners

A Real Dutch Oven that Lasts a Real Long Time

Vegetables, grains, meat—no matter what goes into your dishes, they should start in the heavy-bottomed Combekk Cast Iron Dutch Oven for delightfully tender and evenly-heated results. The Enamel and Holland-made design makes this substantial pot one you’ll use for decades and beyond. A handy built-in thermometer enables you to keep an eye on your favorite dishes, avoiding scorching or letting out steam while you check. 

A handcrafted shaker rolling pin from Vermont Rolling Pins rests on a counter

A Rolling Pin Your Kids Will Hand Down

Nothing rolls out dough for a savory pie or sweet pastries quite like a solid rolling pin. This handsome style is smooth to make cleaning a breeze, and all it requires is a little food-safe oil from time to time in order to perform feats of culinary daring on the nearest flat surface. Heavy, solid, and heirloom-quality, the Shaker Rolling Pins from Vermont Rolling Pins are ones you’d be glad to pass on to your children—but once you buy it for life and give it a “test run,” be warned: you’ll definitely want to keep it for yourself.

A bowl of ice cream sits next to Midnight Scoop's ergonomic ice cream scooper

Two Scoops of Ergonomic Durability

Chances are that even the mention of too-frozen ice cream makes your wrist ache in sympathy. No one likes chipping away at a half pint of rocky road with a flimsy plastic scoop for a meager cup of deliciousness, so give yourself the heaping helping of dessert you deserve with the Ergonomic Ice Cream Scoop from Midnight Scoop. If this sculpted, purpose-built scoop was an ice cream flavor, it’d be one of the fancy-schmancy ones from the “special” freezer in the supermarket—you know, the ones with the artsy labels. 

Buy It For Life Cooking Tools

Indoors or outdoors, we will have you covered for years to come.

dinner rests in a steel skillet from SOLIDTEKNICS

Seamless Design Made for a Lifetime

The mark of excellent cookware is performance—but great looks certainly don’t hurt. The AUS-ION Steel Skillet from SOLIDTEKNICS is always ready for action on high heat, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The sleek design makes sure there are no imperfections or divots to wear down or capture food, making it both easy to use and clean afterward. A dab of fat or oil, a little heat, and you’re on your way to sauteing, crisping, and cooking your favorites—buy it for life and enjoy years of tasty meals.

Solo Stove bonfire steel fire pit, gather around the campfire

A Wood Stove You Can Take Anywhere

If you’re on your own and in need of a hot meal, you don’t need to tote a large stove in your pack—the Titan Portable Wood Stove Solo Stove gets the job done admirably. Built to be sturdy and perform for years, just load in appropriately-sized kindling and fire it up—the angled holder will have your water, stew, or other foodstuffs piping hot in no time. The simple design means that there are no specialized fuel canisters or parts to buy—just fire it up and dinner’s ready in a flash.

Looking Great: Timeless Accessories

The products you use everyday should be with you throughout every milestone in your life, so why not invest in something that’s made to last.

A men's leather belt enngraved with the name 'Alex McBeath' is seen looped into jeans

A Leather Belt with Your Name on it

Remember the days of your neatly-printed name on everything from socks and backpacks to underwear? In childhood, this measure is mostly to prevent losing things at school, but as an adult, it’s about being proud of who you are. This handsome Leather Belt with Bridle Nameplate from Clayton & Crume will quickly become the belt in your wardrobe—perfect with everything from dressy slacks to everyday denim jeans. A small bolted-on plaque emphasizes the built-to-last durability with your own name.

A beautifully handcrafted Tiger Wood razor handle and stand from Imperium Shaving sits on a bathroom counter

An Indisposable Shaving Accessory

Love your favorite razor blades but hate the handle? Trade out the plastic, oddly-shaped handles attached to most modern razors for this sturdy, easy-to-hold Handcrafted Wooden Razor Handle from Imperium Shaving for a smoother, easier shave. Not only is it easier to hold and manipulate for all those tricky curves, but it also looks sharp—pun absolutely intended—on your bathroom counter or shelf. For added flair, pick up the matching stand. 

A man trims his dog's nails with Zen Clipper

Sit and Stay for Stress-Free Trims

While there is a wealth of built-to-last accessories for humans, great grooming tools for pets can be a little harder to come by. Keep your beloved pooch or cat looking as sharp as you do when you stash these clever Safety Pet Nail Clipper from Zen Clipper in their grooming supplies. An overlapping set of circular blades cut the rounded nail cleanly, preventing injuries and discomfort for your pet. Made with heavy-duty spring closure action for even the squirmiest furry friend, you’ll be glad to have these around the next time your pet needs a nail trim. 

The tools that make everyday life easier, more beautiful, or more fun don’t need to be temporary—these well-made products that last a lifetime are perfect for gifts, as well. Without the constant need to replace a bent handle or broken component, you can spend more time doing what you love, and keep junk out of landfills at the same time. 

Looking for something different? We have over 150 Buy It For Life products. Shop the collection here!

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  1. Re; The “Ergonomic Ice Cream Scoop from Midnight Scoop; if your ice cream is so frozen that you are struggling to get an easy scoop, your freezer is set too low and your wasting money to keep it that cold. Keep your ice cream scoop. It is very pretty though.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. This is more helpful for people with dexterity issues. Puts less stress on their wrist and hand.

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