How to Organize Your Kitchen: Save Space & Keep Food Fresher

Home is where the heart is and the heart of your home is the kitchen. How to organize your kitchen is vexing. The constant influx of fresh and packaged food in busy households can quickly clutter the cabinets and fridge.

Four full Botto adjustable storage containers sit on a kitchen cabinet shelf next to cereal and crackers

Don’t waste money buying what you already have in stock or throwing out spoiled food. Always reaching for the plastic wrap? Reusable silicone food containers work better and save space. Let these and other clever products make kitchen organization so practical that your family will think you’re a genius.

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

It’s tempting to stuff things that don’t quite fit out of view, but it doesn’t have to result in cabinet chaos. Loose lids and bulky bakeware are among the irregular items that don’t have an obvious home until now.

Baking sheets and pans are seen organized in a StoreMore bakeware organizer rack from YouCopia

Out of the Oven and Into the Cabinet

Eliminate your leaning tower of pans with StoreMore™ Bakeware Organizer. It racks—not stacks—for better accessibility. Simply slide an item between adjustable wire dividers that corral cutting boards, baking sheets, and pans, even round ones. No more yanking from the bottom and having everything piled on top, crash to the floor.

Plastic food container lids are organized neatly with YouCopia's Storalid lid organizer

Keep a Lid on Container Chaos

If you like how that works, double down with a StoraLid™ Lid Organizer for tops round and square. The dividers adjust to your inventory and the container looks presentable even on the countertop.

Boxes of Ziplock bags in varying sizes are seen organized in a WrapStand kitchen wrap organizer from YouCopia

The Foil to Messy Drawers

Chances are you’ve got a jumble of boxes for plastic cling, plastic bags, and metal foil. Neatly stack them with the WrapStand® Kitchen Wrap Organizer. Adjustable dividers fit the height of any box while the width holds up to family-size boxes. Storing them vertically, such as under the sink, frees up coveted drawer space, too.

A woman is seen cutting a sheet of tinfoil using Chicwraps' woodgrain wrap dispenser

That’s a Wrap on Clutter

Always reaching for (and wrestling with) the plastic wrap? Fuss less with a Woodgrain Wrap Dispenser & Cutter. Keep the original yellow box with sharp teeth on the counter, but keep it hidden from view inside this nicer, more user-friendly solution. The top-mounted ZipSafe Slide Cutter delivers a clean cut without bruising fingertips.

Kitchen Organization Tips for Drawers

The term ‘junk drawer’ exists for a reason, but that doesn’t mean you need to have one. Odd-sized utensils make kitchen drawers a tempting place to dump what doesn’t fit elsewhere. When it’s time to organize your kitchen, this is one of the most satisfying steps.

A woman is seen pulling a pair of tongs out of a drawer of kitchen tools that are organized using DrawerDecdor's custom silicone drawer organizer starter kit

Drawers get a Grip

Restore order with a Drawer Organizer Starter Kit. Trim the silicone base mat and then position the dividers to fit cooking gadgets like tongs, whisks, can openers, and the ice cream scooper. The grippy dividers won’t let your tools shuffle around as the drawer moves. The non-slip mat can even be used without dividers to hold small plates, ramekins, and shot glasses without sliding.

Various kitchen gadgets are seen organized neatly in a Storage Technologies GADGETdock bamboo utensil organizer

A Junk Drawer with Purpose

Prefer the look of wood? The GADGETdock™ Bamboo Utensil Organizer adjusts in both width and length to create three diagonal sections of space. A sleek, organized look is as far from “junk drawer” as it gets.

A woman uses meori's red reusable storage boxes to load groceries into her car

Collapsible Storage

For items that won’t fit in a drawer, try a fabric box. The Foldable Storage Box with Handle looks good at home or on the go. Keep cleaning supplies within reach or go shopping with it. The removable padded carrying strap can bear up to 65 pounds, a sturdy alternative to wasteful plastic bags and wimpy reusable totes. The collapsible box folds neatly when not in use.

Get Countertops in Tip-Top Shape

taupe canvas root vegetable keep sacks from Mastrad hang on a wall

Keepsake Keep Sacks

Sometimes a bag is best. Especially when it comes to produce that thrives outside the limelight. This set of Vegetable Keep Sacks holds veggies small, medium, and large. From garlic to onions to potatoes, root vegetables now have a fitting fabric overcoat that delays sprouting. The trio of drawstring sacks hangs like year-round Christmas stockings for your essential cooking veggies. They free up counter space and hide root uglies from sight and light.

Four collapsible storage containers from Botto sit on a kitchen counter, filled with nuts, dried fruit and dried peas

Storage on Your Terms

Other food is better to store in view. A set of clear Adjustable Storage Containers looks sleek on the countertop. You’ll know what nuts, cereal, grains, and pasta are inside and how much remains. These four containers are always the perfect size, shrinking with the use of the product and expelling air in the process to keep food fresh for longer. Now you can organize your kitchen while preserving that cereal for another few days.

Bags of snacks are seen clipped closed using Packbands silicone organization bands

Get on the Band Wagon

If your household loves to snack, bags of chips need to be secured after opening. You may have plenty of rubber bands, but a Silicone Organization Band 6-Pack is the versatile upgrade you didn’t know you needed. These bands give more scrunch and won’t snap. This set includes bands of three different lengths, each with a button-in-hole design. Flexible in material and use outside the kitchen, they travel well to pack clothing, cords, or gear.

How to Store Food in the Fridge

Just because you throw food in the fridge with plastic wrap doesn’t mean it will keep. Air is the enemy of fresh food so lock down leftovers to prevent oxygen from spoiling them.

A person is seen using an Air Lock handheld vacuum sealer to seal a bag of homemade granola

The Seal of Storage Approval

Try reusable plastic bags with a Handheld Vacuum Sealer. This combo set includes four double-gallon airlock bags that can be heat sealed time and again by a rechargeable device that sticks to your fridge with a magnet. The bags can be stored in the fridge or freezer. According to reviews, they work best with drier foodstuffs from coffee to chips to meat.

The Silicone Specialists

When it comes to being air-tight, plastic isn’t your only option. Silicone is nonporous and keeps bacteria out when sealed properly. Silicone doesn’t sound appetizing, but it won’t add any funky flavor. Food-grade silicone is exactly that, toxin-free and imparts no odors. Reusable silicone is good for the environment and your leftovers, keeping perishables fresh for longer.

A woman places fresh veggies into Stashers reusable silicone bags

An Eco-Friendly Baggie

A Silicone Storage Bag enhances food lifespan while reducing waste. These baggie alternatives are perfect for snacks and cut veggies at home, on the road, or for lunch at school or work. They can be heated in the microwave, dropped into boiling water, stored in the freezer, and cleaned in the dishwasher.

A man is seen marinating a steak in a Stasher half gallon silicone bag

Leftover Safekeeping

Made too much for dinner? The larger Silicone Half Gallon Bag saves meat, poultry, fish, sides, and garnishes. Even the marinade sits well inside these durable bags that take up way less space in your fridge or freezer than rigid pots and pans.

Sliced kiwi and oranges sit in a teal freezable food storage container from Frego

Food Utility Vessel

Combine the cushion of silicone with the strength of shatterproof glass for a Food Storage Container more utilitarian than Tupperware. Take these stackable space-savers directly from the freezer to the microwave. The silicone outer sleeve is finger-friendly—no pot holder needed, which is a plus when reheating lunch at work. A tight seal blocks spills and air.

Two blocks of cheese are seen stored in a white Cheese Vault storage container

The Cheese Vault

Organize your kitchen and preserve cheese in one fell swoop with the Artisanal Cheese Storage Container. It works for semi-firm to hard cheese, so long as slices are small enough. The wicking property of silicone prevents moisture from building, but it also won’t dry out your gourmet dairy delights. An adjustable divider and writeable sides are ‘note’-able perks. Stylish enough to leave out when guests gather to snack, this Cheese Vault container may draw more attention than what’s inside.

Fresh cut tomatoes, peppers & onions sit wrapped in Food Huggers silicone food savers

Food Huggers

Keeping fruits and veggies fresh after cutting is a challenge, but these Silicone Food Savers live up to their name. The set of four varies in diameter giving a colorful second skin to exposed citrus, cucumber, apples, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and more. They even work on jars and glasses, letting you finish a smoothie later.

Cubes of chicken stock are seen frozen in Souper Cubes silicone freezer trays

A Soup-er Way to Keep Stock

Finally, the Soup & Stock Silicone Freezer Tray is great for recipe prep and storing leftover broth and sauce. For easy measuring, each section has fill lines for a half cup and one cup. Souper Cubes are super stackable like ice cube trays, allowing for flat, compact storage instead of tall, round containers that hog freezer space.

How to organize your kitchen is a matter of taste, but these products and kitchen organization tips put you on a clear path to success to maximize space and minimize waste.

Now that the kitchen cabinets and fridge are organized, it’s time to get creative with other tight spots around the house. Read this guide to organizing small spaces to revamp your room with space-saving innovations.

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