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🪑 The ultimate leg-saving stool (you can take anywhere)

💄 A genius 4-in-1 makeup brush that saves time and space in your purse

🥤 The best cup holder you’ve ever seen (and the only one that holds any drink size or shape)

And more…

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🤝 Meet the Maker

Meet The Maker Whose Love for Organization Helped to Create the Ultimate Storage Tool

The “Idea Man”: Jim was always the kind of guy who looked at a problem and quickly imagined a solution. One day, as Jim was looking around his garage, he noticed something he knew could be improved…

A Better Way: When Jim entered his garage, he noticed cables, ropes, wires, and extension cords all over the place. Even worse, they were difficult to coil and almost impossible to keep neat. Jim decided right then to find a way to better organize the unruly tangle of cords, cables, and wires created by raising children in the digital age…

Wrap-It Storage Straps: After a few prototypes (and a few failures), Jim finally created the Heavy-Duty Wrap-It Storage Strap. These storage straps are designed with super-tough polypropylene material and stainless steel. They’re designed to store your bulky cables, hoses, cords, and ropes neatly.

They’re perfect for everyday, anywhere use. And they were the ultimate solution to Jim’s messy garage problem. These heavy duty straps can hold up to 50lbs, are weatherproof and Wrap-It Storage is a proud, family owned business from St. Paul, MN. If you would like a neater garage, attic, or your home, Wrap-It Storage Straps are the best way to secure the messy necessities cluttering up your life. Discover why they’ve been a Grommet favorite for years.

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✨ Today’s Life Hack

Use a Flat Iron to Make Your Button-Up Shirts Look Fresh

Whether you air dry or tumble, button-up shirts always seem to end up with wrinkled trim. Instead of lugging out your traditional iron, try a flat iron! First, test the heat and clean the ceramic with a slightly damp towel.

Then, put the flat iron on the medium setting, hold out your shirt and start ironing the space between your buttons while wearing it. For safety reasons, you can wear an extra layer underneath to protect your skin from the heat. After a few minutes, you’re left with a fresh button-up shirt that looks great!

✨ Community Corner

Save Your Legs with the Most Portable (And Comfortable) Stool for Those on the Go

Sitpack is the world’s most portable, compact, and convenient folding stool designed to give you a seat on the go (and improve your posture). It offers quick relief when you need a break from standing up at events, festivals, concerts, and more. The uses are endless!

Check out what others are saying about Sitpack’s portability and functionality…

“I bought this item because I’m always outside at the park working out. So when it arrived the quality of the chair was very nice. I weigh about 200 pounds and I have it with me all the time in my jacket pocket. So when the time comes when there are no chairs and I or another person I’m with needs to sit, I make it available. People are always intrigued when I pull the chair out. It definitely works and it will hold you. I love it. I actually bought 2.” – Robert S.

“I spend up to 15 hours at a time with little to no access to sitting down. This device is perfect for my needs.” – Kyle H.

“Great item, the creators were truly inspired. It’s awesome to have a chair that fits in my water bottle holder and still supports my weight well. Some people have wondered about the comparison between this and other products online. From what I can tell, this is the best one out there. It is the only one I’ve been able to find with the double-wide seat, which is much more comfortable than the smaller seats of its competitors. These sellers were crowd-funded, so this chair was created by users for users, and I really think it’s the best one out there.” – Richard F.

Ready to get yourself, or that special someone the world’s most compact, and functional folding stool that is designed to improve your posture?

Get one today as a gift for that person on your list who loves going to festivals, sporting events, camping or just to hang out with friends inside or out!

Special Grommet Only Deal: Use the code “Grommet25” when checking out to get 25% off your order and Free Shipping.

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🔍Featured Discoveries

Bondic: Throw Away Your Super Glue…Because This Is 1000X Better

Bondic® acts like a glue, but it doesn’t just bond items together, it can also seal up holes, fill cracks and gaps, insulate wires, or even create new parts and 3D shapes. Use it on hundreds of surfaces and materials including metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, fabric, wiring, and more. Bondic is the perfect gift for any DIY’er in your life.

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CupStation: The Expandable 2-in-1 Cup Holder That Secures Any Item in Your Car

Big or small, tall or short, the CupStation shifts its shape to accommodate whatever accessories you want to take with you in the car. Plus, right now you can save $10 instantly when shopping through Grommet.

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Omega WiFi Amp: Fight Back Against Weak WiFi With This $0 Per Month WiFi Booster

Tired of spotty WiFi that cuts in and out? The Omega WiFi Amp instantly boosts your WiFi, improving connection strength and speeding up ALL of your devices in seconds.

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Alleyoop: This Mom-Owned Makeup Essential Combines 4 Tools In 1

This 4-in-1 makeup tool eliminates clutter and saves you time on the go. It’s a lifesaver while traveling and makes taking care of last-minute touch-ups a breeze.

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