The air is crisper, leaves are changing, and all around you is the faint aroma of pumpkin spice. It’s time to get ready for fall. From your backyard to your living room, fall requires a whole new level of preparedness from summer. And we’ve got products that can help.

Yard Clean-up

SureCan – Bottom Dispensing Gas Can

You may want to mow the lawn a few more times before winter. And should the mower run out of gas, get yourself a can that isn’t going to spill on the ground or yourself. SureCan dispenses from the bottom for a safer pour and easier storage.

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Better!Broom –  Durable Outdoor Broom

If you want to keep patios, decks, and walkways clear from the leaves falling by the second, you need a Better!Broom. Made from coconut husks, it’s rugged and essentially plays the role of broom and rake.

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Little Burros – Wheelbarrow Organizer

Gardening season is closing but there’s still work to be done. Whatever job you’re doing will probably require more tools than you can carry. Little Burros can carry everything you need. It fits on your existing wheelbarrow and acts like a mobile storage center that holds a rake, shovel, shears, and even a beverage.

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Masterplug – Extension Cord Reel Organizer

If you’re firing up the leaf blower, the hedge trimmer, or some other outdoor power tool, you need a place to actually plug them in. That’s not always easy outdoors, but Masterplug is an organized extension cord reel with 4 total outlets to power all of your tools at once. So now it is.

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Relax & Retreat


Cold nights and mornings can be a shock to the system, and if your feet are cold, the rest of your body will follow suit. The super-soft slipper socks from Pudus are a comfy and colorful way to stay toasty.

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Candle by the Hour – Self-Extinguishing Candle

Some nice candlelight creates a warm atmosphere. With Candle by the Hour’s self-extinguishing coil design, you uncoil the amount you want to burn and it will burn 20 minutes for every inch. It’s like putting a sleep timer on a candle.  

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Anywhere Fireplace – Portable Fireplace

Imagine sitting by a cozy fireplace on a chilly fall evening. You don’t need a chimney, electricity or a gas line to create that utopia. You just need a fireplace that can be taken…anywhere. 

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Ready, Set, Bake

Fat Toad Farm – Caramel Apple Making Kit

Here’s a challenge. Try to find something more New England than a caramel apple kit made in Vermont with 100% local goat’s milk and organic cinnamon. We’ll wait. 

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Vermont Rolling Pin – Handmade Rolling Pin

Also representing The Green Mountain State are the hand-turned Vermont Rolling Pins. Balanced, sturdy, and smooth in hand, they’re more than a baker’s tool. They’re an instrument.

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iSi Flex-it – Silicone Measuring Cups

Baking requires precision. One stray teaspoon is enough to spoil a dozen of any baked goods. iSi Flex-it is a set of silicone measuring cups that allows you to more easily control your pour and, ultimately, your finished product.

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The Vanilla Company – Pure Vanilla Extract

Nothing compares to all-natural vanilla. Don’t take my word for it, take the word of author, advocate and founder of The Vanilla Company, Patrician Rain, who, in the regions where vanilla spice is extracted, is known as the Vanilla Queen.

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Grampa Bardeen – Pumpkin Carving Kit

We close with the epitome of autumn. A category all its own. The American made pumpkin carving kit from Grampa Bardeen. There are enough tools for the whole family and they’re all designed to be safer than your kitchen knives and tougher than the cheap tools you’ve probably broken before. It’s almost certain to be your next fall tradition.

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Looking for more products to get ready for fall? Check out our entire Fall Favorites collection.

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