What’s the Difference? Best Men’s Wallets Round Up

A wallet can say a lot about a person, and truthfully you could have multiple wallets for different occasions. So how you decide which one is the one for you, or for a specific occasion? We’ve got you covered with the best men’s wallet option for every situation, certain to keep your money and credit cards safe and secure.

Workout Wallet

It’s important to keep your valuables safe when you’re at the gym, but who really wants to get a locker to hold keys and a wallet? The Wrist Locker™ Wristband Wallet can hold keys, credit cards and other valuables right on your wrist, so you never have to worry, even when working out.

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A Safer Fit

Holding your wallet in your back pocket can make it easier to steal and, believe it or not, can be bad for your back. Rogue Industries creates front pocket wallets with a curved design that fits perfectly into curved front pockets. And for even more added protection, it has RFID blockers stitched in.

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Wallet of Steel

If you’re looking for a wallet made of a material that will last, look no further than stainless steel. The Driving Wallet by Stewart Stand Wallets is surprisingly lightweight, considering it’s made from re-purposed industrial-grade stainless steel fabric. It’s slightly larger than a credit card and can fit in a front pocket.

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Travel Light

For the person who believes less is more, the Trove Minimalist wallet is the perfect option. Handcrafted in the United Kingdom with Italian leather, it holds up to 10 credit cards and cash in a sleek, slim design. It’s meant to be light and easy to store in any pocket, allowing a traveler or minimalist to only carry what’s necessary.

Wallet selection is a very personal decision, and oftentimes the best men’s wallet option is actually several different ones. Any of these wallets do the job with function and style perfectly balanced, the way any man would want it.

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