The Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Beer Drinker Who Has Everything

Oowee leather pint sleeve for beer

It’s time to toast your favorite beer drinkers and cocktail enthusiasts with something they’ve never seen. These unique gifts for beer lovers will help you “think outside the six pack” with well-designed accessories that make every round a pleasure. They’ll be sure to thank you next time they’re cracking open a cold one.

Shopping for Dad? We’ve got you covered too.

GrowlerWerks copper pressurized growler kegs

GrowlerWerks – Pressurized Growler Keg

As passionate beer drinkers know, the best way to preserve that fresh-on-tap taste back home is to keep a high-quality growler handy. This stylish update takes the classic stoneware-and-cork design and gives it a copper upgrade, as well as pressurization for a fresh, delicious brew on demand. Ideal for sampling a limited time label from a favorite microbrewery with a friend, this growler-meets-keg looks high-end, too. 

BottleKeeper insulated beer bottle holder on the go

BottleKeeper Insulated Beer Bottle Holder

By and large, the preferred temperature for beer is considered “as cold as possible.” That can be challenging, as even just holding a bottle in-hand can bring it to room temperature surprisingly fast. Bottlekeeper, a smart invention that looks like a traditional water bottle, solves this problem. Simply slide a favorite bottle of brew inside, cap it, and enjoy a frosty-cold, insulated beverage for hours. There’s even a bottle opener built right into the cap.

B Cups shatterproof craft beer cups for different beer styles

B Cups – Shatterproof Craft Beer Cups

The wine-loving community has long been aware of how convenient and easy unbreakable glasses are, and now beer drinkers can start enjoying them too. These craft beer cups look like the same brew-specific glasses slid across a bar, and they have the added benefit of shatter-proof construction. And, because they’re available in four different shapes to complement popular craft beer types, a set is a great gift idea for a beer lovers.

Oowee leather pint sleeve for beer

Oowee – Leather Pint Sleeve

Great beer deserves premium accessories, and this stunning leather pint sleeve delivers. Available in a variety of imprints, the contrast lacing gives every glass of beer a rustic, upscale feel and keeps condensation off your hands, too. Also ideal for cocktail enthusiasts, a sleeve comes in a variety of widths and shapes to accommodate any adult beverage admirably. 

Torched Products beer cap bottle map - Texas

Torched Products – Choose Your State Beer Cap Trap

The best gift ideas for beer lovers go beyond the bottle. This artwork turns leftover beer bottle caps into a display-worthy piece with a personal touch. Simply select the giftee’s state of choice and present them with the shaped, birch-finished frame to hang on their wall. As they sample and drink their favorite beers, they can pop bottle tops into the empty slots, eventually filling the entire frame with colorful additions.

PicoBrew Pico C Craft Beer Brewing Appliance on counter

PicoBrew – Pico C Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

Coffee pods revolutionized the way many people start the day, so why not apply the same principles to delicious craft beer? That’s the concept behind PicoBrew, which uses pods that contain pre-measured amounts of hops, yeast, and grains to instantly start the home-brewing process. While a little patience is still needed—brews need for ferment for several weeks—the end result is a well-balanced home brew that a beer enthusiast can be proud of.

Cooks Innovations Fridge Monkey - stack cans & bottles easily in the fridge

Cooks Innovations – Fridge Monkey

A love of beer often goes hand-in-hand with a crowded refrigerator and the frustration of trying to find one brew among many. The fridge monkey is a straightforward concept with a huge “aha moment” payoff: it allows you to stack 10 cans securely in a space that would normally only hold four. The resulting pyramid of cans is not only stable, but it’s also highly visible. Finding a favorite label has never been easier. Bonus—it works for other types of cans, like soda or canned cocktails, for maximum fridge room versatility.

GrabOpener, the one-handed bottle opener

GrabOpener – One-Handed Bottle Opener

Whether your favorite beer fan is manning the BBQ, helping set up a campsite, or simply needs their other hand free, this well-built bottle opener is the solution. A curved-side shape is designed at an angle to provide maximum leverage with just a squeeze, popping a metal bottle cap off with ease. No need to put down the fishing pole or relinquish the spatula with one of these handy devices nearby. This smartly-designed bottle opener also ensures that beer lovers with grip strength issues can enjoy their favorite beers hassle-free.

soberdough beer bread mixes

SoberDough – Artisan Brew Bread Sampler

Bread and beer have been best culinary friends from the dawn of history for good reason: they both have yeast in common and thus share some popular flavor notes. The artisan brew bread sampler takes it a step further, letting beer lovers add a bottle of their favorite brew to the mix. This ultra-customizable approach makes these mixes great gift ideas for beer fans with a bottle to spare.

icemule classic cooler - take it kayaking

IceMule – IceMule Classic Cooler

Bringing brews along has always been a must for vacations, beach trips, road trips and more, but a hard-sided cooler isn’t always the best option. Whether space is at a premium or an event location doesn’t allow hard plastic coolers, this soft-sided, wearable cooler is ready to come to the rescue. With incredible insulating foam that keeps ice frozen for up to 24 hours, a cold can or bottle is always ready to delight your favorite beer drinkers. 

Beer has been a popular part of socializing, fun, and history-making for thousands of years. While it’s hard to improve on a beverage with that kind of legendary status, these awesome beer lover gift ideas will help give each bottle, can, or pint the place in the spotlight they truly deserve. Cheers!

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