9 Purr-Approved Cat Products To Pamper Your Feline Friend

You’re a cat lover right? I mean, you’re reading this. And how can you not be charmed by their adorable little paws, oversized whiskers, and sandpaper tongue kisses? Or how about the leg nudges they give you to say “Hello, pay attention to me!” From classic, quality catnip toys to innovative travel and grooming products, this list of top-notch cat products will inspire cat owners and lovers alike. 

Yellow & green pure catnip bags from Dr. Pussums Cat Company sit on a table

Doctor-Approved Catnip 

Did you know 80% of cats are genetically predisposed to be attracted to catnip? The active ingredient in this plant, Nepetalactone, comes from the mint family. If you’re looking for a catnip your cats will love look no further than the Pure Catnip Toy Set from Dr. Pussums. The catnip is single-farm sourced and grown by independent farmers in Canada. It’s then vacuum- packed for freshness and individually hand-packed in Maine. No mystery fillers here! Your cats have not truly tried catnip until they have tried Dr. Pussums.  

  • A black cat is seen sitting in a black & white checkered collapsible travel cat crate from Necoichi
  • A Calico cat is seen sitting in a black & white checkered ultra-light collapsible cat carrier from Necoichi
  • A Calico cat is seen stepping out of a black & white checkered portable litter box from Necoichi

Cats on the Go

Necoichi, in Japanese, means “Cats First.” And that’s exactly the thought behind these smartly designed cat products. Collapsible travel products like the Collapsible Travel Cat Crate make longer car trips stress-free and the Ultra-Light Collapsible Cat Carrier is perfect for quick trips to the vet or groomers. And an optional Portable Litter Box with a water-proof inner liner fits perfectly in the crate.

All of the travel products are ultra-light and fold flat for easy storage when not in use. A reusable Microfiber Cat Hair Remover rounds out Necoichi’s cat-focused product line-up to make removing cat hair from your furniture or yourself a breeze!

A Calico cat is seen laying next to a Litter One self-contained natural cat litter box

An Eco-Friendly Litter

For the eco-friendly cat owner, look no further to the Litter One litter box. The Self-Contained Natural Cat Litter Box is a biodegradable, completely self-contained, disposable litter system for cats. Made with natural, odor-absorbing pine pellets, it will keep your home smelling fresh. Its unique design will cut down on litter cleanings, too. This box is not only Made in the USA, but it will also make daily litter box cleanings easier. And lugging heavy pails of litter around the house is now a thing of the past!  

A black & white cat is seen scratching on a durable cardboard cat scratching  pad from Americat Company

A House-Friendly Scratching Pad

Cats love to scratch. But there is nothing worse than finding little cardboard pieces strewn about the house after a good scratching session. That’s why we love the Durable Cardboard Cat Scratching Pads by Americat. Unlike traditional scratchers, these Made in the USA scratchers are made with ultra-strong double-walled corrugated cardboard to stand up to even the most enthusiastic scratchers.

As an added bonus, the cardboard used to make these scratchers is made from recycled materials. As a double bonus, only cat-safe, non-toxic adhesives are used in their assembly. We promise this will not only be the long-lasting cat scratcher you’ve longed for but also the least messy. What’s not to love?

A black & white short-haired cat is seen eating from a Dr. Catsby's whisker relief feeding bowl

Finally, Some Whisker Relief

Have you ever heard of ‘whisker fatigue’? When cats repeatedly bump their super-sensitive whiskers against the walls of traditional, narrow food bowls they become over-sensitive and painful. A few tell-tale signs are pushing food out of the bowl, refusing to eat, and fussy or very slow-eating. One cat-loving owner invented the Whisker Relief Bowl to provide his cat with a more comfortable eating experience. The shallow curve of the bowl provides plenty of room for whiskers and a non-skid rubber base keeps it in place. 

A tabby cat is seen all snuggled up in a green wool cat cave from Le Sharma Trading

A Cozy Cat Cave 

As any cat owner knows, our furry friends love their hidey holes. They also love to be warm & cozy. The Cat Cave by Le Sharma Trading combines the best of both worlds. Crafted from sustainably-sourced boiled wool, it is naturally temperature-regulating, keeping them cozy warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. Boiled wool is not only safe for your cat but also the environment, as it is completely biodegradable. What we love most—each cat cave is made by Nepalese women being paid fair-wages to help to support their families.

A fluffy black cat is seen comfortably sitting in a blue compression box from Whisker+Box

Part Bed, Part Hug

Ever notice your cat trying to squeeze into the smallest nooks and crannies around the house? What about that new cardboard box that came in the mail, where do you find the cat? Oh yeah, they’re in the box. Cats naturally love to feel secure and protected. And this compression box from Whisker+Box was made with a cat’s love of compression in mind. It folds and stores flat. And its nylon material makes it durable and easy to clean. As a bonus, every box is Made right here in the USA, a purchase both you (and your cat) can feel good about!

A tabby cat is seen getting their nails trimmed with a pair of Zen Clipper safety nail clippers

Lose Their Claws, Not Your Patience

With these perfectly sized—and smartly-designed—Pet Nail Clippers, nail trims are easier, faster, and safer. Oh, and most importantly, less stressful for you and your pet. The conical design—which comes in seven sizes to suit your pet’s unique nail size—prevents over-cutting and protects the super-sensitive quick. Especially great for cat owners, your feline friends will hardly notice the once stressful nail trims.

A mint colored Ono non-slip pet bowl & mat set is seen sitting on a hardwood floor with food and water in the bowls

A Clean Dinner Time

The Non-Slip Pet Bowl & Mat Set by Ono is a must-have for any pet owner. This non-slip silicone pet bowl mat creates a tight seal against flat surfaces, keeping your pet’s bowl in place during mealtimes. Made from an easy-to-clean food-grade silicone and featuring a smartly-designed raised edge to catch any spills, meal times become a lot less messy. Perfect for both food and water bowls, it will prevent spills and help your pet’s bowls stay in place. It’s great for when your cats get the “zoomies!” 

It can be difficult to find high-quality toys, travel accessories, and wellness products made with a cat in mind. Luckily, for all you cat owners out there, small independent inventors and larger pet product companies are beginning to recognize the potential of the quickly growing cat products market.

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