In the office, we often get to experience products before we share them with our community. This is especially true for the Discovery team. They are always on the hunt for innovative and interesting finds from small businesses.

Karina is a Discovery Manager, as well as a former competitive athlete and current fitness enthusiast. She is our go-to for the newest trends and innovations in all things health and wellness, and she discovered—and tested—the myDNA Personalized Wellness DNA Kit.


How does it work? A cheek swab is all it takes to start gaining insight about yourself and get access to the steps you need to achieve personal goals. myDNA’s lab will analyze your DNA sample and provide feedback and guidance in a secure online portal.

What does this kit do better than others you’ve tried?

The Nutrition & Fitness Plus Caffeine kit provided actionable next steps beyond just the results—meal plans, workout ideas, a progress tracker, a community forum and more.

I think if you’re just starting to optimize your health and fitness (or don’t know how), this is a great resource that provides a wealth of knowledge. There are a lot of nutrition and fitness guides online and that can be overwhelming. This one provides almost a step-by-step guide to improve your health, and the genetic facts are bonus knowledge.

health and fitness health & fitness kit

What insights did you gain from the kit? 

It told me my power and endurance genetics are such that I’m naturally better at high-intensity training. Crossfit is ideal for me. It also gave me an optimal nutrition guide on what type of diet I should follow, a breakdown of how much fat versus protein versus carbs I should consume, and then provided a comprehensive nutrition plan and recipes. Along with this, I had access to a weekly progress tracker, a community forum, FAQs, and helpful articles.

The same level of detail applies for the fitness side. myDNA provided an eight-week program with various at-home and gym workouts. The analysis suggested that because my genes show I might not get enough collagen, I could suffer from stiff muscles and have an increased potential for injury. They then provided a personalized warm up and cool down routine for me.

Any last thoughts to share?

If you’re wanting to optimize your health and fitness, this is a great resource that provides a wealth of knowledge with a step-by-step guide to improving your health.

Interested in caring for your skin or exploring the right combination of vitamins? Learn more about the myDNA personalized wellness DNA kits here.

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