Meet the Maker Podcast: Jen Perry of Jelt

Jen Perry lives by a simple phrase, “If not now, when?” It wasn’t a motivational poster that made it her mantra, it was facing that question with her life on the line. When she was afforded a second chance at life she didn’t think she’d get, Jen put that mantra into practice and started a business that encouraged societal change.

On this episode of the Meet the Maker podcast, we chat with Jen about the experience that led her to start Jelt, how important it was to work with local organizations and bring manufacturing back to her community, and what continues to excite her about the business.

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    Have a product to make and need to know how to become a Maker. What are my steps.

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    1. Mike Lovett

      Hi Jorge,

      You can follow this link to submit:

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