How To: Eco-Friendly Grocery Shopping

Now more than ever folks are looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious. One of the best places to start is on your weekly trip to the grocery store. Give the earth a break with these eco-friendly shopping products that makes hauling goods home a greener and more organized task.

It’s In The Bag

Reusable bags are a terrific way to be environmentally conscious, especially with some cities banning the use of plastic shopping bags. These options will make any trip to the grocery store much easier.

BagPodz reusable bag set comes neatly packed in a compact pod with a clip that you can attach to a shopping cart. This makes checking out and loading the groceries in the car much easier.

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Lotus Trolley Bags allow you to make the most of the grocery cart space while boasting eco friendly materials. The set includes four reusable bags that divide the shopping cart and keep contents in place, and includes an insulated bag for cold items.

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If you’re making a quick trip for just a few items, the folding storage box from meori unfolds from being flat in a snap. It can carry up to 65 pounds of groceries and stows neatly away when it’s empty.

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Sustainable Food Storage

There’s no need for plastic wrap or take-and-toss storage containers to keep food fresh when these colorful, reusable, and oh-so-useful alternatives exist.

Instead of cling wrap try Buzzee Wraps reusable beeswax wraps to cover bowls, containers, and more. Made from beeswax, jojoba oil, and pine resin, the cheerful and flexible wraps work again and again and are even washable.

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These BPA-free mesh produce bags from Lotus Trolley can go from the grocery store straight into the fridge. The set of nine bags is color-coded to keep fruits and veggies organized, too.

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Vejibag produce bags are made with American-grown organic cotton and give produce the humidity it needs to stay fresher and crisper than it would in plastic.

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With the right gear in tow, being green while shopping for greens is an easier and eco-friendlier endeavor. Check out more reusable products we reach for time and time again.

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