Grommet Is Back (With 2 Exciting Twists!)

BIG news, Grommet fan: Grommet isn’t going away after all!

That’s right — we’re thrilled to announce that Grommet has been saved by our friends at GiddyUp (more on that in a moment)! 

This means the Grommet you know and love is coming back to life (with two exciting twists) and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

If you’ve been following us since 2008, you know that we’ve always been the place for the not-so-commonplace. The place where you’ve found wonderful things that make you wonder how you ever got by without them. 

Grommet is, and will continue to be, the place where you discover innovative products you’ve never seen before that make unique gifts and easily support inventors and small businesses.

Our purpose remains to help inventors and shoppers connect in a meaningful way — that hasn’t changed and it never will!

However, the way we share those products is about to get a lot better. 

Here’s what’s happening:

First, we’re keeping our retail store closed… and we’re launching the world’s best newsletter for discovering new products and innovations!

This is an exciting development for everyone here at Grommet, and we can’t wait for you to see what we have planned for you.

Our goal is to make these the most useful and interesting emails for fun, curious folks like you. In addition to showing new and innovative products (along with great discounts!), we’ll also share where the ideas came from, where they’re made, how they work, and more! It will also be packed with inspiring stories from makers, helpful life hacks, and even insights into innovative technology that will soon make a positive impact on your everyday life. 

Second, you’ll now play an even bigger role in uplifting small businesses by purchasing directly from the makers we feature in the Grommet newsletter.

So, if the store is gone… how are you going to get your hands on all the ingenious products we’re about to share with you?!

Simple: You’ll purchase them directly from the makers themselves!

This new model will help their small business grow in a meaningful way and creates a direct relationship between you and the maker for product questions, feedback, updates and more! No middleman also means you’ll get better deals, better prices, better support and lower shipping costs. It’s a big win-win! 

So from now on, whenever we feature a product, you’ll be sent directly to the maker’s shop instead of ours.

That’s all you need to know for now… we’ll see you in your inbox soon!

We’re thrilled about this new chapter for Grommet and our millions of fans.

We’re still the same Grommet at heart. Over the past 14 years, we’ve learned some things about what you really want when it comes to unique, innovative products made by local makers and creators… and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you over the next few months and beyond! 

If you’re excited for Grommet to be back, let us know in the comments section below!

Note: If you got to this post from an email that we sent to you, you are already signed up to receive our first Grommet newsletter. And if someone sent you this message to check out, make sure you click here to never miss an issue!

Happy discovering,

– Team Grommet

P.S. Curious to hear more about the company who saved Grommet?! Read the full story here.


  1. Claudia Keppel

    Hooray and THANK YOU GiddyUp… such good news for everyone !

  2. Julie

    I am so Very happy to hear that the grommet is back. Can’t wait to see the Newsletter and hopefully purchase something soon!!

    1. Steven Carvalho

      Glad to hear of the reboot. Can’t wait to see the newsletter and see what is in store from these makers. Welcome back!

  3. Lynn

    Sooo glad to know that youʻre back in an informative way! I agree with this new format as I was unable to purchase directly from Grommet due to living away from the 48 contiguous states, although my state is part of U.S.A. The only way I could purchase those products was directly from the company anyway. I look forward to learning about future products from start-ups and innovators!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Lynn!! We are doing our best to make these products available to more people in the US and all over the world!

  4. Peggy Knox

    I was so disappointed when I realized Grommet was going away. I did not understand at first and I thought “I wonder what happened”? I am now thrilled and looking forward to the next steps.

  5. La Verne

    Fantastic! I was so sad to see you go, and now you are not. Yay!!! Can’t wait to get the emails.

  6. Lillian

    Hooray!! My grandkids and I are jumping for joy! I started purchasing unique toys, construction kits and games for the grands. I have the midnight scoop and pizza cutter. I love them. Welcome home!!!

  7. Debbie Freidell

    A big Hurray for The Grommet! So glad you’re making a restart. And thanks to Giddyup for supporting you all. I look forward to watching you grow even more successful as you help start up entrepreneurs.

  8. Janet


  9. Debra Thornton

    So…will I be able to exchange the reusable Nespresso pods I bought? The ones I got were for a different model than the one I was gifted

    1. Hi Debra! You can reach out and get more information on returns by going to

      They are working to support all purchases from the previous owners. If you are having any issues, please let us know and we will be sure to check it out.

  10. Marion Edmonds

    I’m so glad that you are back! Not only have I bought items for myself but for friends who are difficult to buy for. I knew I could always find something on Grommet. welcome back!

  11. Sharon Carey

    Very happy to welcome you back! I look forward to being able to order the products you introduce once again!

  12. Cheryl Byers

    I was so sad to see you close the store. Your site made the the giver of the most unique gifts every Christmas. And I am glad to see you back in a limited way. I will miss my discounts and free shipping. But YEAH!

  13. Nancy

    Woohoo! I love visiting The Grommet to find out about all the new wonderful products from small business makers. Looking forward to the newsletter!

  14. Trisha Knudsen

    Yay! Yay! Yippee! Yahoo! So happy to hear you’ve sorted out a way to continue! I’ve always loved finding unique gifts from talented small business makers to give as gifts -especially for Chritsmas. Looking forward to hearing form you again soon via email! Best of luck with this new iteration of a great company! <3

  15. WenRui

    When I heard the grommet coming back, I jumped up with excitement! I look forward to the new purchase mode to add a variety of things to my family!

  16. Awesome!! So glad that Grommet is back. I have purchased some items that have really helped me with my household painting, kept me up right on the ice & many more one of a kind things. Can’t wait to see the new newsletter & items available.

  17. Oh goody goody gumdrop!,,!! Four out of my five Christmas gifts came from. You-all. SHEILA

  18. Bridget Gieger

    I am so happy to have you guys back! I have purchased several products from y’all and I loved them. Welcome back!

  19. Ericka

    YAY!!!!!! I’m really happy The Grommet is back! I don’t even remember how I came across this site so many years ago, but it is a part of my life and household. If a remodel/redesign of operations is what brings you back to us, more power you — and me — and them! I am excited to see all the “new.”

  20. Shannon Vosika

    Yay!!! Christmas is saved! I depended heavily on The Grommet to fill those stockings every year and I was so sad to see you go.

  21. Megan

    I am so pleased to see The Grommet has returned!
    Is there a way to access past purchases? I wanted to re-purchase an item and I can’t remember the name of the seller!
    So happy to see you back!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Megan! Unfortunately not at the moment. But this is a great suggestion we will take into account as we continue to build out the new Grommet.

  22. Mary Ann

    I am excited to hear about your new approach – newsletter and buying from makers directly. I have always seen Grommet as a promoter of inventors and makers of unique products. I think this new approach meets your goal in the best way.

  23. Valerie Scruggs

    So glad The Grommet is back! I am a “gadget gal” and am always interested in the innovative products that The Grommet offers. Looking forward to the new products!

  24. DHSB

    So glad to see this! ATTA COMPANY W00T!!

  25. Betsy Bina

    Yay 😃 I have loved The Grommet since I found you and have bought multiple unique gifts for family members. I look forward to seeing the newsletter to help with my unique gift purchases.

  26. Thomas Mohr

    That is awesome news, I was really going to miss you guys.

    Welcome back!!!!!!

  27. Patrice M O'Neil

    Hello to the Grommet!! I have been a “Frequent Flyer” on the Grommett sight for years and was so distressed to hear all was coming to an end. Soooo happy you are back!! During your unbelievable sell off, I bought Christmas gifts for friends and relatives. Then I began to purchase so many items for a local Christmas drive for families in need (Attleboro, MA). My guest room (and living room) now look like your former warehouse! The organization is called”Christmas is for Kids” It has been in existence for many years and many families benefit each year!!

    Some of my purchases:

    8 True Balance full size
    12 True Balance TravelSize
    12 Mozi products
    A few Stedi-Pedi
    One Gravitron with two extensions.

    Not sure that’s it – products are all over this house! Should you have anything else I can purchase for this cause, do let me know! Thank you again, best wishes as you move forward!!

  28. Jeanne Dechter

    I totally agree with all the other Comments. I have so many unique products & toys purchased over the years from The Grommet—I have never been disappointed with anything purchased & was SO disappointed to read that you were Closing. This is GREAT News & I look forward to your Newsletters!! Welcome Back! And, Thank You!

  29. Ross

    I’m so relieved! A friend and a family member both admired and wanted products I got from you and I did not know what to say to help them, until now…yay!

  30. Tamren

    Very happy that GiddyUp saw what a great asset Grommet is. I love reading about all the products and purchased 2 different items I reviewed from my email just today. Welcome back and hope you are here to stay! .

  31. Elle

    Thanks! Just in time for the holidays!!!!

  32. LA Manley

    My daughter and I were very sad when I found out you were shutting down. She will be thrilled when I show her this email. We had a lot of fun doing holiday shopping and finding lots of great gifts.

  33. Susan C

    SO HAPPY YOU ALL ARE BACK!!! I have been a customer of The Grommet since 12/2015. I have bought so many items over the years for myself & as gifts for others. Love supporting small businesses & their innovative products! Once again…SO HAPPY YOU ALL ARE BACK!!!

  34. Derricq

    Awesome news the best news! Really happy to hear all this great stuff is happening.
    Loved grommet from the moment i found it and was saddened to learn it was almost gone..
    Thanx giddyup! Ill be happy to begin shopping again.

  35. Viv Criner

    This made my day! You have always been my #1 go to for gifts….I can’t wait for this to all begin…..Thank You!!

  36. Nanette P

    Nanette P

    OMG…..When you left, I thought….now, where will be able to find those new, quality, and innovative products!
    I’m so, so glad your back. Thank you Giddyup!!!!
    Can’t wait for the newsletter.

  37. Karen R

    This is fantastic news!

  38. Jana Ernst

    Everyone has already said it….YAY!!!!! So glad you’re back!!!!!

  39. Cathy C.

    Oh! The Grommet just unbroke my heart! I was so sad to think The Grommet was going away.
    Love all the quirky, unique, fun and useful products that can be found only at The Grommet!
    SO happy to know you’re NOT going away!!!
    Thank you!!!

  40. Meliza

    These 2 new twists sound like substantial improvements. A win for everyone.

  41. Karen Bain

    I am overjoyed that Grommet is back! I wish I knew how to get some of the products you formerly had.

  42. Joanie Caudill

    So happy Grommet is not going away. I purchased some fantastic things from them and was very user they were leaving.

  43. Maria

    Yay! Like others, I have purchased numerous gifts for myself, my family and friends. We all love the idea of being at the forefront of trying out new products and showing them off to others. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

  44. Jeffrey Phelps

    Very happy Grommet is back, and the new format with direct buy is fantastic! Thank you.

  45. Cherry

    So happy to hear you are coming back 🎉 🥳

  46. Sarah Hunter

    I am thrilled Grommet is back and revised to make sense for life now in 2022! I was so disappointed when I heard you were closing the doors for us fans and your employees! Welcome back bigger and better!

  47. I am so happy that Grommet is not going away. I have used a lot of the products and they have never disappointed.

  48. So so happy the grommet is back!! Love everything about the grommet and was sad to be be getting going out of business emails. What s nice recent surprise they are back!!!!

  49. I have so missed grommet. I have done a lot of gift shopping and buying for myself because I can find wonderful things. Christmas is heading our way and I will be looking to fill my list with Grommet products.

  50. Paulette

    Happy to hear this. Will be waiting for the holiday newsletter for gift ideas.

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