Grommet Is Back (With 2 Exciting Twists!)

BIG news, Grommet fan: Grommet isn’t going away after all!

That’s right — we’re thrilled to announce that Grommet has been saved by our friends at GiddyUp (more on that in a moment)! 

This means the Grommet you know and love is coming back to life (with two exciting twists) and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

If you’ve been following us since 2008, you know that we’ve always been the place for the not-so-commonplace. The place where you’ve found wonderful things that make you wonder how you ever got by without them. 

Grommet is, and will continue to be, the place where you discover innovative products you’ve never seen before that make unique gifts and easily support inventors and small businesses.

Our purpose remains to help inventors and shoppers connect in a meaningful way — that hasn’t changed and it never will!

However, the way we share those products is about to get a lot better. 

Here’s what’s happening:

First, we’re keeping our retail store closed… and we’re launching the world’s best newsletter for discovering new products and innovations!

This is an exciting development for everyone here at Grommet, and we can’t wait for you to see what we have planned for you.

Our goal is to make these the most useful and interesting emails for fun, curious folks like you. In addition to showing new and innovative products (along with great discounts!), we’ll also share where the ideas came from, where they’re made, how they work, and more! It will also be packed with inspiring stories from makers, helpful life hacks, and even insights into innovative technology that will soon make a positive impact on your everyday life. 

Second, you’ll now play an even bigger role in uplifting small businesses by purchasing directly from the makers we feature in the Grommet newsletter.

So, if the store is gone… how are you going to get your hands on all the ingenious products we’re about to share with you?!

Simple: You’ll purchase them directly from the makers themselves!

This new model will help their small business grow in a meaningful way and creates a direct relationship between you and the maker for product questions, feedback, updates and more! No middleman also means you’ll get better deals, better prices, better support and lower shipping costs. It’s a big win-win! 

So from now on, whenever we feature a product, you’ll be sent directly to the maker’s shop instead of ours.

That’s all you need to know for now… we’ll see you in your inbox soon!

We’re thrilled about this new chapter for Grommet and our millions of fans.

We’re still the same Grommet at heart. Over the past 14 years, we’ve learned some things about what you really want when it comes to unique, innovative products made by local makers and creators… and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you over the next few months and beyond! 

If you’re excited for Grommet to be back, let us know in the comments section below!

Note: If you got to this post from an email that we sent to you, you are already signed up to receive our first Grommet newsletter. And if someone sent you this message to check out, make sure you click here to never miss an issue!

Happy discovering,

– Team Grommet

P.S. Curious to hear more about the company who saved Grommet?! Read the full story here.


  1. Elizabeth Brooke

    Fabulous news! I love the fresh different products that you presented. I am very happy for your new beginning.

  2. Inez Harrill

    I always looked forward to getting updates from Grommet to see what was new because that is where I had found some of my most helpful items. When I got the closing news, I browsed thoroughly and ordered all items I had on my “wish” list fearful I would never find them again. Welcome back to my world!

  3. Rick

    This is GREAT news!!! I’ve been bummed that the world was missing Grommet. I never expected this!
    Thanks to you innovative thinkers for persisting!

  4. Veronica J

    Glad to hear you are back! Looking forward to what’s in store for you and the small businesses you will be featuring.

  5. Jim

    Great news!!

    Question: will products that used to be available on the “old” site be available in the future? There are a couple of things that I’d love to buy again.

    1. Thanks for the note Jim. We are working through that now with the makers! Hoping to bring back a lot of them. Stay tuned! 🙂

  6. Kathy

    Great news, so happy you were able to return to your family shoppers.

  7. Our business,, has been with Grommet since the beginning as one of their top customized products Year after year. Our family business looks forward to hearing more about this exciting partnership.

    1. Thanks Carrie! You will hear from us soon about new opportunities to showcase your story and products with Grommet!!

  8. Cathryn Pindzola

    My nephew lives in Cambridge, and when I come to visit him next month, a trip to your retail store was on my list, along with a trip to the monument in Plymouth called The Matrix.

  9. Karen

    I’m THRILLED!!! I almost cried when I heard you were closing!

  10. christy pak

    Glad you’re back and GOOD LUCK with your new store!!!!

  11. Sheri

    Glad you’re still around (again)! I think this model will help makers more directly, save the Grommet money (no B&M costs), and is still a curated newsletter that finds the great finds for us!

  12. Kathie Kennimer

    Wonderful!! I was so sad about the closing.

  13. Sue McMahon

    Can hardly wait for the newsletter and for Holiday ordering. Thanks for the informative update

  14. Robin Harvey

    Glad that Grommet is b ack.I have ordered many things and use them all the time.

  15. Matthew B

    Great to hear! I’ve gotten so many wonderful products from you over the years. I was heartbroken to learn you were closing. This news fills me with happiness.

  16. Bev Mosqueda

    This is fantastic news! How exciting! Thank you, GiddyUp!!!!

  17. Rosalind Moore

    This is fantastic news! I just love the products at The Grommet, but haven’t been able to order them, as I live in Canada. I’m *really* hoping that some of the small businesses with great and innovative products will now ship to Canada. Looking forward to this!

  18. Kathrynne

    I was devastated when I learned you were going. This is the best news ever! So, so glad you’re back, and looking forward to more great Grommet products. They have made super gifts, everyone loves them.

  19. Taajnia Elliott

    Love the new concept but I’m happy I can still find unique and useful products through Grommet!

  20. Can’t wait to see the new platform. Thanks for persevering!

  21. Marya

    So happy for the return! Congrats on the news!
    Looking forward to cool stuff!

  22. Mary King

    Glad to see its coming back!

  23. Susan

    Great News! You’ve always had such unique and quality gifts!
    I’m glad I’ll still have you to look for great gifts, etc.

  24. Don Miller

    I was a Grommet customer for many years and was disappointed when you closed. So glad some Group has picked up the ball and look for ward to a great future relationship.

    Don Miller

  25. Kaye

    Can’t wait to see what new products you present to us! I am looking for lots of surprises!

  26. I am thrilled that you are coming back. My grandkids will be, too. They were so disappointed when you all closed because I have found so many great gifts for them at the Grommet over the years.

    If you are bringing back products that you had before, I am very interested in the Slipper Socks. I need for the makers to know that they need to make them in larger sizes, too, please!!! I have large feet for a woman … size 12… but I need warm socks in the winter, too. I know I’m not the only woman out there with big feet! My hardwood floors are very cold in the winter!

  27. Lucy G

    Welcome Back!! Just in time for Christmas shopping.

  28. Liz

    Happy, happy, joy, joy.

  29. Pam

    Awesome news! So glad to hear you are coming back. I love supporting new, up and coming businesses.

  30. Sam

    Finally, a story with a happy ending.

  31. Debbie Dunn

    So glad!!!

  32. I am super excited to hear this! As a copywriter I had thought of reaching out to offer some suggestions but then I got the email that you were shutting the doors. That broke my heart. I had such a great response with the gifts I have given from Grommet. I love that they’re unique and therefore seem more personal. Almost like they were made just for the recipient. I’m super excited to see your newsletter and start shopping for the holidays. Thank you for your dedication to helping small businesses.

  33. Bonnie

    So happy for you, and all of us shoppers ☺️

  34. Helen Foy

    Welcome back, this makes my heart happy. I was shocked and saddened to see your closing and I’m very excited for your new rebirth – Congrats!!!!!

    Will you be representing some of the past products?

    Looking forward to the newsletter 🙂

  35. David S. Pacini

    What great, grand, good news! Eve since I read the news of the closing of the Grommet, owing to a “business decision,” I have puzzled over the wisdom of Ace’s business plan. Now I need not worry further: Giddy up has the foresight to finesse a winning business plan that will make Grommet even better. Three cheers!

  36. Mickie Dissett

    So happy The Grommet will return even better. No other store was so well curated. If it was being sold there, you knew the people there had tested and used it themselves. They found the best things. And always sold quality products. Happy Shopping Days ahead!

  37. I’ve bought some pretty cool stuff from Grommet. I’m really happy I’ll have the opportunity to do it again. I was very sad to hear it was going away. Welcome back!

  38. Michelle McCrillis

    While I’m glad you aren’t going away and will be offering products from new makers, will we still be able to order from makers you’ve promoted before? I have a product that requires some components that need to have refills without them that product is unusable. Or will I have to go direct to the maker for them?

    1. Hi Michelle,

      We are working on talking to as many brands from the previous Grommet as possible, but for the time being, it would be best to reach out to the brands directly.

  39. Regan Hertzler

    Glad you’re back! I was so disappointed when it looked like it was all over! I got the coolest gifts for people and they were always surprised and delighted. I got plenty of fun stuff for myself too! I’m eager to see how this next chapter will go.

  40. Vonda Litzenberg

    Yay! Was missing Grommet, glad you’re back!

  41. Dee

    Great news! I hope we will still be able to trust the service directly from the small businesses.

  42. Caroline

    Glad to see you’re back. I have occasionally gone direct to the maker to order after seeing something on here; honestly i think that’s the best way to do it.

  43. As a one-of-a-kind jewelry creator, I really appreciate this new model. Supporting small business is more important than ever these days. And there’s nothing better than being in contact with the maker directly. I value the relationship I have with each of my customers.

  44. I thought you just disappeared. If I’m signed up for the newsletter since I was a previous member I haven’t gotten any.l

    1. Thanks Terry! The first newsletter begins sending this week! Can’t wait for you and the millions of Grommet subscribers to read it.

  45. Joann Sellers

    I am so glad to hear this!! I always enjoyed finding unique gifts that were available on Grommet long before anyone else seemed to even know about them! Congratulations!

  46. Carrie

    Great news. However, I’m still waiting on order that I placed a few months ago during your close out. Help.

    1. Hi Carrie! The previous owners are continuing to support and fulfill all orders from the close out. You can check the status of your order and connect directly with them here –

  47. BJ Ermenc

    This sounds like a terrific way to do business while reducing middle-sector costs. I also value knowing more about the maker and where their items are made. Reducing overseas shipping costs to the planet as well as the pocket book counts for a lot in my book. Please use the Made in USA label when it’s true, as I’m willing to pay more for people making a living wage in healthy conditions. I also support Fair Trade items, even though those may be marketed in multiple places. If an item is not exclusive to Grommet, I hope prices are comparable.
    I also hope maker’s websites are easily accessible to everyone, especially screen readers for the visually impaired, and that their websites, products, and purchase process are vetted for security and safety. That’s a lot of work for Grommet & GiddyUp, but it’s critical to consumers.
    Thanks GiddyUp for coming to the rescue! I can’t wait for the first newsletter!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback BJ! We plan on having badges and notes for different characteristics like Made In USA, Eco-Friendly, etc so you can quickly see some of the values that are important to you! Can’t wait to share the first set of products in the next few days!

  48. CT

    Glad to hear it – you totally offer the best gifts especially for those “they’ve just got everything already!” people on my list! I’m really hopeful that the cutting out the middleman strategy will bring the prices down to within my budget range now. Sadly, the bulk of items there were just out of my reach cost-wise before! 👍🏻

  49. Wendy

    This is very exciting news!!! I was sad to learn Grommet was going away. I am thrilled to hear they are back!!! 😃👍

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