7 Back To School Grommets to Help You Keep Calm

As college students, we could all stand to make college life simpler and as stress-free as possible. With these products, you can eliminate anything that could cause stress from sore muscles to an overflowing bathtub to give you the peace-of-mind you need. 

Therapy Dough

When homework piles up or your roommate gets under your skin and you feel the urge to pinch him or her, pinch this Therapy Dough instead and all your worries will disappear. Ok, maybe not all of them — but it does help. Just squeeze and shape this scent-infused therapy dough to relax. The soft hues, calming smell, and pliable texture help you recalibrate.

Drain Hair Catcher

Sharing a bathroom with roommates can lead to hairy situations. . . literally. Keep pipes clear with this flexible, silicone hair drain catcher. You’ll hardly notice it is there, but you will notice your drain is never clogged and that is its own relief. 

Brush Cleaning Tool

Ladies, how many of you actually wash your makeup brushes regularly? I don’t see many hands. This silicone mitt will make cleaning those brushes a lot easier and might actually remind you to clean them in the first place. You can extend the life of costly cosmetic brushes and wash away bacteria in one clean sweep.

draw & erase on Wiprebook Pro's whiteboard notebook

Reusable Whiteboard Notebook

We’re college students. We are not swimming in cash. So why buy several notebooks, when you can just buy one? This dry erase notebook never runs out of pages. Sketch, draw, and list your ideas—the hyper gloss film and pen limit smudging and encourage many, many drafts. It looks like your classic vegan leather journal from the outside, but inside it’s an eco-friendly and mistake-friendly solution.

Reusable Adhesive Cold Pack

Athletes: if you’ve ever had your legs taped up with ice after a tough practice or game, chances are you’ve had the ice bags fall down the second you move. Fret no more. This reusable, stick-on cold pack allows you to sit back and relax OR move around while icing sore muscles and joints.

Heat-Resistant Silicone Holder

Anyone who has ever used a hairdryer or a hot styling tool like a curling or flat iron knows how hard it is to find a safe, secure place to set it down. This portable silicone holder for hot styling tools, hairbrushes, and accessories that hangs on your bathroom sink is your safe, secure place. 

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