Our mission has always been to elevate the big thinking of small businesses. We’ve seen that when you shop small, you get fantastical products and empower people within their communities, enriching livelihoods. 

For over 12 years we’ve been the place for the not-so-commonplace. The place where you’ve found wonderful things that make you wonder how you ever got by without them. You’ve heard stories behind products that push them to the front of your wish list, each product approved by us so you know it is great.

Through our history, we’ve seen first hand how some of the best products come from small bizzes, made by passionate, emerging entrepreneurs. For more than a decade of finding incredible products, we are very proud to have found many that were doing big before they got big—becoming household names like Bananagrams, FitBit, GoldieBlox, IdeaPaint, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, OtterBox, Swell, Bombas, among others.

And so with our latest brand refresh, Grommet continues to be led with these ideals. We are an e-commerce platform for all, because we believe the world is a better place when it is full of the diverse, the unexpected, and the ingenious. 

For capturing the magic 

When we started this process last year, we began looking at how we might better highlight our ingenious products, the stories behind them, and the small bizzes that create them. We began by imagining the experience of walking into your favorite local small biz store. What made it special? And what did that store look like and feel like? These answers became the foundation for the visuals of our brand refresh. We captured the personality and uniqueness of classic small biz tropes through our new usage of type, color and layout—like what you might see on a quirky storefront window or in the awning of an entryway. And all those “wow things” they sell inside? Well…we call those Grommets.

You can see these Grommets come to life in small graphics across our brand—from the website, to email, and to our logo. They represent the products that we carry and the tools and pieces that make those products. Together, our new type and Grommet graphics form our new logo. The “G” Icon represent small bizzes that make up our community. The “Grommet” wordmark is inspired from the heritage of storefront signage that give personality to each business, making them unique. It includes custom characters and ligatures that help make it unique, quirky and friendly…more like who we actually are.

For new shopping experiences

At Grommet, one of our favorite things about buying from small bizzes is the magic of finding just what you never knew you needed. It’s those moments when you walk into a store because it piques your curiosity and walk out having found something special—often, it can be quite serendipitous. And if you’re buying that special thing for someone else, you’ll probably have a great story you can share with them. 

Through our new brand refresh, we bring this vision to everywhere you buy from Grommet, like our catalog (above) or our site, thegrommet.com. We want to make buying from small bizzes a seamless and delightful experience. Over the next year, we’ll be enhancing the way you shop at thegrommet.com to find these fantastical products. As you visit us online, or experience us wherever you shop Grommet, you will get to know us more; our products (& their brands), our mission, and our personality. 

For small bizzes

We’re super proud that Grommet has been the place where small bizzes and entrepreneurs launch innovative products and grow their brand.

We have always believed in the magic of entrepreneurship and the hard work it takes to launch a small business. We still love being the platform where interesting brands sell ingenious products for fun and curious folks (like you) who love them.

For you, our community

The Grommet Community is the heart and soul of powering product innovation. Your passion and curiosity for finding quirky and ingenious products is something that always excites us here at Grommet. And we love hearing from you about the products you love. So it was really important to look at how we might improve our relationship with you, our Community. When you shop Grommet, we really want you to feel like you are talking to a person—like a shop owner you might get to know at your local or downtown store. Every where you find Grommet, from social media to customer support, you’ll find a more personable and human experience…we’re people here too.

For everything, that’s unlike anything

After 12 years, we haven’t lost our love for small biz and the ingenious things they create. Being a platform where you can find wonderful products and do good at the same time, will always be our passion. Grommet has been helping customers find that thing for themselves, their home, their office, their kitchen, their yard, their family, their friends and their pets that’s a bit unlike anything they thought they’d find. At Grommet we definitely sell a lot of things, but you can always be sure “boring” won’t be one of them.

Here’s to another decade of entrepreneurship, supporting small bizzes and the ingenious things they create. 

Grommet | For everything, that’s unlike anything.

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