In the early days of 2020, Lindsay and Nate, a couple from Michigan, found themselves surrounded by used candles and a question: Could these be reused? Their determination to create a beautiful, sustainable solution led to the birth of Arbor Made Reusable Candle. Discover the inspiring story behind this innovative candle vessel.

The early days:

Lindsay and Nate spent the beginning of 2020 huddled up in their Michigan home watching Netflix and burning candles. But soon their cozy space became cluttered with a graveyard of used candles. Throwing these candles away felt so wasteful, so they asked the question: “Could these be reused instead?”

The next steps:

This power couple went to the drawing board with sustainability in mind. Lindsay and Nate were determined to create a beautiful candle that smelled great and was also reusable. After dozens of prototypes, the Arbor Made Reusable Candle was born!

How it’s different:

Unlike traditional candles which are useless once they’ve been used to the bottom, Arbor Made candles are completely reusable. Simply pop in your replacement wax and you’re good to go! These stylish candles are hand-poured in Michigan and smell incredible.

The deal:

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Click here to check out the Arbor Made Reusable Candle Vessel.

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