We all know that if you buy something made with solid workmanship or quality materials, it’s going to last longer.

But most of us have been on the verge of buying something and trying to decide if we should buy the less expensive product and hope it lasts—or should we spend a little more, knowing it will last and won’t have to be replaced . . . maybe ever?

As our CEO Jules Pieri recounted in a recent Medium post:

“Growing up in Detroit, my autoworker dad was firmly committed to buying the very products he built. He extended that behavior and his values to other household purchases. With four kids and one blue-collar income, we admittedly lived paycheck to paycheck. Yet my parents believed, ‘We don’t have enough money to buy cheap stuff.’ They saved up to buy quality, or did without.”

Starting today, “Made for a Lifetime” joins The Grommet’s Personal Values categories of Crowdfunded, Handcrafted, Independent Makers, Made in the USA, Philanthropy, Social Enterprises, Sustainable Living, Tech & Innovation, and Underrepresented Entrepreneurs.

Much like the rising ‘Buy me Once’ movement in the U.S. and Europe, many Grommet community members value high-quality, durable products. They want items that are made to last—and they’re willing to pay a little more for this benefit.

But what does “Made for a Lifetime” specifically mean? That The Grommet Makers represented in this new collection will honor a lifetime repair/replace warranty. You can identify these products by our new diamond icon—as these are products are “as tough as diamonds.”

There are some common sense exceptions to that warranty, like following the Maker’s instructions for use and maintenance. But overall, these Makers guarantee that with regular use and care, their products will last.

The Discovery Team at The Grommet has long experienced that enduring products provide real value. Adding this category will help our community to discover them, while supporting the small businesses who produce products with integrity.

Today, we launch SOLIDTEKNICS’ AUS-ION steel pans from Australia. These iron steel cooking pans cook like cast iron, but handles more like French steel. The Maker believes in the pans’ longevity, and backs them with a multi-century guarantee.

This Friday and Monday, we’ll be launching two more “Made for a Lifetime” Grommets—one from Faribault, Minnesota and one from Dundee, Scotland. Be sure to check back in after they launch at 10 AM EST.

Additional “Made for a Lifetime” products will be launched in the coming months, so be on the lookout.

Have suggestions of other durable products you’d like us to consider launching on The Grommet? Be sure to leave a comment with information below.

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