Indoor Gardening 101: How To Grow a Fabulous Garden Inside Your Home

Summer has come and gone which means the gardening season has, too. Or has it? The cold weather may not be great for planting outdoors, but it’s perfectly fine for planting indoors. And we know just how to help you start indoor gardening.

Big Garden, No Floor Space

A plant is seen hanging upside-down from a BOSKKE Sky Planter

A Plant and a Decoration

With the upside down planter by BOSKKE, you save floor space and turn traditional planters on their heads. Hang from the ceiling and watch as plants like orchids and ferns—and even crops like tomatoes—happily grow upside down. “But won’t the plant fall out?” Nope. The planter locks soil in place. And a terracotta watering disc buried in the soil provides consistent watering for up to two weeks.

6 plants thrive in an Urbio's Big Happy Family vertical planter system

Arrange to Your Liking

Vertical gardening is a great way to save counter and floor space. And Urbio’s Big Happy Family is a great way to create a vertical farm in everyday spaces. Mount the vertical farming system on a fridge, wall, or desk. Tired of looking at the same design? The pods are interchangeable so you can mix and match your plants however you’d like.

A little girl is seen admiring basil growing from an Urbz window herb planter

Bring the View Indoors

The Window Herb Planter by Urbz is a great way to bring your garden indoors. Grow herbs from basil to dill and watch your window become the center of attention—not to mention a great source of fresh produce. You may wonder: won’t the water pool at the bottom? Miraculously, no. The integrated drain holes and catch basin work together to create a complete urban gardening system so you won’t risk drowning your beloved plants.

Three indoor plants sit in mid-century modern wooden plant stands from Hold On To Your Plants

Give Your Plants a Boost

Give your plants a boost. The Handcrafted Modern Wood Plant Stands from Hold On To Your Plants are a great way to elevate your greenery. Beautiful, easy to assemble, and handcrafted in Texas, these plant stands will ensure they are admired by all.

Minimal Effort, Maximum Beauty

These self-watering planters will make indoor gardening a breeze. Not to mention save you stress when you go away for a weekend.

Fresh herbs grow on a kitchen windowsill in Lechuza's self-watering planters

A Cube Design

The self-watering planters by LECHUZA are a great windowsill option. Pop a store-bought plant in its plastic pot—or move one of your favorite outdoor plants into a plastic pot—then pop it into one of these planters. Fill the water reservoir and voila! Your plant is all set for three months.

A man is seen cooking in a kitchen next to a Click & Grow Smart Planter filled with fresh basil plants

The Name Says It All

The Smart Garden by Click & Grow is one fool-proof way to start an indoor garden. All you need to do is refill the water tank one or two times a month and the kit will do the rest. Grow fresh herbs and produce year-round with this device. No green thumb needed.

A water bottle attached to a planrt watering spike from GF Garden is seen watering an indoor plant

Self-Watering Upgrade

Incorporating Plant Watering Spikes from GF Garden is a great way to upgrade your traditional potted plants. Insert the spike, attach a water bottle, and let the spike do its work. It will release water at a steady rate straight to the roots. It even comes with an adjustable flow in case your plant is thirstier than usual.

Basil is seen growing out of 4 beer and wine bottles thanks to Urban Leaf's self-watering windowsill herb garden

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Regrow?

With the Self-Watering Windowsill Herb Garden by Urban Leaf, you create an elegant home for a self-watering herb garden. Pop one of their smart soil inserts and included seeds into a water-filled recycled wine or beer bottle. Then place it in a window. The sun will take it from there.

A purple amethyst gemstone cut glass terrarium from Luludi Living Art sits on a wood desk

Small and Resilient

Terrariums are another great way to bring the outdoors in. With the Zodiac Stone Terrarium by Luludi Living Art, you can spice it up with beautiful decorations and colors. Housing a tiny garden of pebbles, a zodiac stone, and air plant, you can keep your tiny garden looking vibrant.

Keep Your Garden Tidy & Healthy

Whether you’re gardening indoors or outdoors, always keep your garden looking prim and proper.

A roll of Better Than Rocks planter drainage material sits next to a plant pot

Perfect Pots

If you don’t have access to a plethora of small rocks, Better Than Rocks Planter Drainage Material lets you line the bottom of your planters and pots. It’s a lightweight, eco-friendly lining that ensures optimal drainage for your plant. After all, the last thing you want to do is flood your green baby.

A woman uses CyberClean's leaf cleaning compound to remove dust from her plant

No One Likes Dusty Leaves

Did you know dusty leaves can prevent your plant from absorbing light and other minerals? Now that you know, let us introduce you to the Plant & Leaf Cleaning Compound from Cyber Clean. You can keep your leaves dust- and particle-free so your beautiful greenery can absorb everything it needs to stay happy and healthy.

Even though you’re stuck inside, you don’t have to feel gloomy. Indoor gardening might lack the same sunshine, but it’s a great place to experiment with your planting creativity. Tell us what you come up with in the comments!

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