A Baby’s Dozen – 12 Unique Gifts for New Dads

The arrival of a little bundle of joy changes a father’s life, particularly when it comes to new dads. The transition to parenthood is wonderful, exhilarating, and just a little overwhelming, too. These 12 gifts for new dads are a great way to help take a load off, catch some much-needed zzzz’s, and make traveling with junior a bit easier.

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When It’s Time To Hit The Hay:

NodPod – Weighted Sleep Mask

The nudge-nudge-wink-wink joke for new fathers is the lack of sleep they’ll need to adjust to—which, let’s face it, isn’t exactly hilarious. They may find it a lot funnier if they’re actually getting a great night’s sleep, however, and this interesting invention makes it happen. A weighted, light-blocking sleep mask that stretches across the width of a pillow, it stays in place in any sleeping position for some quality shuteye. The dual-material construction even helps tuckered-out dads find a warm side or a cool side to match their preferences. (For a true “best friend” move, pick up two so that both parents can catch some much-needed rest.)

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Vibes hi-fidelity earplugs are perfect for outdoor concerts

Vibes – Hi-Fidelity Earplugs

Babies can reach an impressive range and volume of pitches with their brand new voices, and they aren’t shy about exercising their vocal cords, either. When dad needs to tune in without tuning out, the solution isn’t to block all noise out; it’s to bring that noise down to a more manageable range. The hi-fidelity earplugs are designed to do just that, giving the wearer better audio clarity over traditional foam earplugs while blocking out the shrill qualities of loud, high sounds. 

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A person sleeps soundly with Sleep Crown's over-the-head relaxation pillow

Sleep Crown – Over-The-Head Relaxation Pillow

Some sleepers prefer something larger than a face mask, but finding a pillow that leaves the mouth and nose uncovered is nearly impossible. Well, it was impossible, anyway—until now. This special curved pillow not only helps ensure that even the most tuckered-out new father can drift to dreamland with ease, it also features weighted construction to stay in place. While his sleep schedule might be a little shorter than usual, this over-the-head pillow will help make every snooze a restorative one.

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Use palmpress single-serve coffee press to brew a cup of coffee for one

Palmpress – Single-Serve Coffee Press

Let’s face it, even if new dads do manage to keep their sleep schedule mostly intact, they could still use a morning pick-me-up. No matter what their choice of java, this innovative single-serve coffee press makes fresh, hot coffee taste great in practically no time at all. The design is as eye-opening as the contents, and it’s one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for the new parent embarking on a new—albeit hopefully nap-filled—adventure.

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When It’s Time To Hit The Road:

Everything ORGO is the perfect travel solution for laying out men's bath products over a sink

Everything ORGO – Expandable Travel Organizer

Diaper cream, tiny brushes, special nail clippers: new babies come with a lot of necessary accessories, which means they need an equally ambitious expandable travel organizer. This unfolding design forms its own shelf, and easily—and securely—balances across a sink basin, on counters, even on a changing table. All a new dad needs to do is slide the folded-up organizer into the side pocket of the diaper bag and he’s prepared for any challenges that may come up when he’s out and about with his little one.

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A man and his son sit in the park pulling snacks out of Baby Sak's convertible diaper bag

Baby Sak – Convertible Diaper Bag

For many mothers, the diaper bag sits in the same place a purse often does, making the transition to carrying it a familiar one. Dads, however, may have a bit more a learning curve, particularly when the carrier or stroller is occupying the other hand. This fan-favorite diaper bag does double-duty for easy balance, converting quickly and easily into a backpack to leave dad’s hands free for diaper changing, feeding, and holding his precious cargo in a swaddle.

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For New Dads’ Self Care:

A man models blue printed compression socks by Sockwell

Sockwell – Men’s Medium Compression Socks

As any new dad will tell you, late night walks around the house with a sleepless infant can take their toll on bare feet. Give him the gift of soft, comfortable merino wool and healthy compression with these dapper compression socks. Sure, they’re perfect for wearing as regular socks during the day, but chances are he’ll get more comfort mileage on them by sliding them on before that third middle-of-the-night feeding. 

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Expain's heated back massager sits on a couch, perfectly integrating into the decor

Expain – Heated Back Massager

Babies may start out small, but carrying, lifting, and rocking even a few little pounds for long enough will put a real strain on the neck and back. They’ll keep doing it out of sheer love, of course, but you can make it a little easier on their muscles with this comforting heated back massager. A brand new dad may be optimistic he won’t need it, but they’ll be silently thanking you the first time it erases a painful carrier-induced shoulder kink like magic.

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For New Dads’ “Selfie” Care:

Woman takes selfie using Shuttergrip's bluetooth remote shutter

ShutterGrip – Bluetooth Remote Shutter

Getting lots of pictures of a new baby usually means that one parent plays the role of photographer. Keep everyone in the shot with this other “new addition”—one that puts the smart back in smartphone camera. The secure, removable attachment upgrades his smartphone instantly with a wrist loop, tripod port, and a removable bluetooth-powered remote shutter button that can be used up close or across the room with ease.

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iPhone sits on a rock poised to take photos with the Gekkostick flexible phone mount & remote shutter

GekkoStick – Flexible Phone Mount & Remote Shutter

While a tripod helps snap-happy new dads capture every smile and adorable milestone, it doesn’t fit very well into most diaper bags. This fun, flexible smartphone attachment is like the evolution of the selfie stick—ideal for first-time fathers. He’ll be able to bend the flexible stem around stroller handles, tree branches, and more before using GekkoStick’s bluetooth-enabled button for a candid snap. 

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For an Organized Home-Sweet-Home:

KeySmart's Tile Smart location key organizer pairs with the Tile app to help you locate your keys

KeySmart – Tile Smart Location Key Organizer

Babies love daddy’s belongings, and that makes for some cute photo opportunities, but once they start crawling, it’s also a recipe for lost keys. Keep keys from tempting little hands with KeySmart Swiss army knife-style keychain, which neatly tucks keys inside a central stem. Less bulk in the pockets and a less-tempting target for baby’s curiosity mean that new dads won’t have to do the late morning scramble in search of their misplaced keyring.

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Person sweeps hair into EyeVac touchless vacuum

EyeVac – EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum

Little hands + little foods = big messes. Help first-time fathers turn back the tide on an endless rain of Cheerios launched from a high-chair tray with the EyeVac home touchless vaccuum. No more strained backs from constantly stooping with a dustpan: just sweep right into the bottom slot and dust, debris, and wayward cereal is neatly gathered up for disposal. 

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While we know life as a new Dad won’t be easy, it will definitely be worth it, and we are here to help make this adventure even better.

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