Celebrate Giving Tuesday with These Innovative Charities

At The Grommet, we are always on the lookout for innovation and that includes in the nonprofit space. Tackling global and local challenges with novel approaches, these philanthropies are helping those in need.

Community Servings – Nutritious Meals for Those in Need

Community Servings makes nutritious, home-cooked meals for people with serious illnesses and their families—while also fueling the greater good.

They make all of their meals from scratch using local produce and herbs, tailoring each meal to a specific patient’s needs so that it provides important nutrients recommended by his or her doctor. For a family facing a terminal or serious health crisis, these meals offer a sense of comfort and care from the community.

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Keep a Breast Foundation – Empowering & Educating to Prevent Breast Cancer

The Keep a Breast Foundation uses multiple digital and artistic approaches to educate and support a younger audience—who often aren’t specifically targeted by breast cancer charities.

This charity meets millennials and Gen Z on their own turf, at music festivals and art events worldwide. Interactive displays, educational materials, and an approachable style help them engage women and men, and they learn more about their bodies and how to take care of them.

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World Central Kitchen – Food Education and Relief Programs

World Central Kitchen believes that food can be an agent of change. The organization is currently working nonstop in Puerto Rico, which is still in the midst of recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Arriving just after the storm, World Central Kitchen activated its network of chefs, kitchens, food trucks, and partners to ensure people and communities in need receive quality meals.

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Bridges to Prosperity – Constructing Bridges Across Impassable Rivers

In remote areas of countries like Nicaragua, Haiti, and Rwanda, walking is the primary mode of transportation. But impassable rivers can isolate entire communities and effectively shut off access to schools, doctors, and markets.

Bridges to Prosperity is quite literally connecting these isolated communities. Working alongside local engineers and masons—and training more in the process—they construct footbridges above these rivers.

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Bunker Labs – Incubator for Veteran Entrepreneurs

While serving in the U.S. Navy, Todd Connor learned when you see something that needs to be done and you can do something about it, you don’t think twice.

25% of military veterans want to start a business when they come off of active duty and they need places in their community where they can get the resources and support required to do it. Todd created Bunker Labs to be such a place.

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Kiss the Ground – Soil Restoration Education Programs

At a conference in New Zealand, Ryland Engelhart learned about the power of soil restoration. Soil can be used as carbon storage to keep it from being released back into the atmosphere, but it can also increase access to clean water and healthy food while restoring habitats and aiding in drought resistance. In short, it is a powerful solution to climate change.

Ryan teamed up with childhood friend, Finian Makepeace, and formed Kiss the Ground, a community of filmmakers, gardeners, musicians, restaurant owners, and activists built around telling this story.

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Lava Mae – Hospitality Services for the Homeless

Many of us probably take a hot shower for granted, but the team at Lava Mae understands its restorative power. While a shower gets us clean, it also provides the time and space for a little mental health break. And for those living without a home it can restore a sense of dignity.

Lava Mae brings critical hygiene services to the streets of California by transforming public transportation buses and trailers into mobile shower and toilet facilities.

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Wishbone – Funding Summer Programs for Low-Income Students

When a student’s learning experience aligns with their interests, they’re more engaged and involved. These instances, however, can be limited for students from low-income backgrounds.

Wishbone is an organization dedicated to empowering these students’ passions. They create crowdfunding campaigns to help students attend summer programs that match up with their interests.

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Defy Ventures – Entrepreneurship Training for People with Criminal Histories

While touring a Texas state prison, Defy Ventures founder Catherine Hoke learned that 70% of the children of incarcerated people end up in prison, too. Struck by that statistic, she created Defy Ventures to help ensure inmates don’t return to prison—and that their kids never end up there.

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Planet Bee Foundation – Environmental Education Organization

Planet Bee Foundation builds hands-on educational programs aimed at long-lasting care for one of the most important global economic players—the honey bee. Bees are vital to the sustainability of agricultural production, but the increased use of insecticides, the effects of climate change, and other factors threaten their population worldwide.

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All Hands and Hearts – Rebuilding Communities Post-Natural Disaster

All Hands and Hearts reminded us that when disaster hits, there are always heroes running toward the danger to help. They recruit and train teams of volunteers to respond to the immediate devastation of natural disasters, then work with communities to rebuild for the future.

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