9 Products to Help You Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the New Year. The holidays are over and you’re thinking about making a resolution. And whether you’re trying to get your mind or body right in 2019, you came to the right place.

ErgoErgo – Active Sitting Stool

Let’s be honest, the first thing you’re going to do this year is head back to work. But when you do, don’t just sit at your desk, actively sit. ErgoErgo is an ergonomic seat that subtly engages your core and promotes better posture all day.

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Cubii – Under Desk Elliptical

If ErgoErgo doesn’t move enough for you, there’s Cubii, the mini desk elliptical.  Like a duck in water, you’ll remain calm above your desk while your legs are working out underneath. You’ll keep your body moving and even burn a few calories along the way.

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Night Scout – Rechargeable LED Beanie Hat

Don’t let less daylight or dropping temperatures stop you from getting your cardio in. See and be seen when you’re running and walking in the dark with Night Scout. We think it’s a pretty bright idea.

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Ulla – Hydration Reminder Bottle Accessory

How’s this for an easy resolution? Improve your cardiovascular health, help your muscles and joints, keep your skin healthy, and cleanse your body with just one thing. Hydration. Ulla is a hydration reminder with a built-in accelerometer to track movement. If you’ve gone too long without a drink, Ulla will nag you until you drink up.

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Life Elements – Healing Honey Stick

Looking for some self-care? Our community loves Life Elements. Like, seriously loves it. They rave about everything from its healing ability with skin ailments to its effectiveness as an everyday moisturizer. So give your skin some all-natural, honey-based love with this winter warrior.

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solu – Mindfulness Tone Therapy System

Your schedule is packed, but if mindfulness is your top resolution this year, you only need 3 minutes to get started. Solu plays a three-minute sequence of calming tones that is different every time to help you practice mindfulness on your schedule.

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lake + loft – 2019 Inspirational Daily Planner

In 2019, don’t just aspire to be better. Plan to be better. Use lake + loft to create to-do lists and deadlines, set weekly and monthly goals, even budget and write Thank You notes. It’s got everything…except an “excuses” section. Weird.  

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Masontops – Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

Here’s a new hobby and a new way to eat better. Masontops airlocked lids fit on mason jars and make for an easy entry into the world of fermentation.It’s sure to taste like self-improvement.

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PackIt – Freezable Lunch Bag 

It’s easy to pop into a food delivery app and have lunch brought to you in an hour, but this year, go further. PackIt lunch bags keep your culinary creations cold from home to the office. Improve your meal prep, order less takeout, and do it in style.

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These products won’t keep your resolutions for you, but they’ll help you out along the way. From all of us here at The Grommet, happy new year!

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