7 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun: Spring Cleaning Tips & Must-Haves

After being cooped up all winter, spring cleaning is an important—albeit annoying, dirty, and time-consuming—ritual. Stick with us, because we have spring cleaning tips and finds that will help make the must-do task a little easier.

Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner

When you open your windows to let that fresh spring air in, you might realize how gross they are. With Glider, you can clean the outside of your windows from the inside. Super strong magnets connect the two sides of the cleaner through a window pane to make this job an easier, cleaner experience.

Pro tip: Tackle dirty windows first. You’ll feel so accomplished as you move through the rest of the house.

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WISP Hand Broom and Dustpan Set

The secret to a good broom lies in its bristles. The WISP broom set is armed with thousands of dense bristles that stay flush to your floor. Through the magic of electrostatics, they attract dirt and grime and make sure nothing is left behind.

Pro tip: Store a broom close to where all the dirt-related action is so it’s always handy for quick clean-ups.

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EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum

This no-touch vacuum makes it easy to keep floors looking spotless. Sweep on up to EyeVac and it will pick up whatever mess you put in front of it, like dirt, pet hair, dust bunnies and more. You might actually enjoy sweeping now.

Pro tip: Sweep up every night before bed, so you’re greeted with a clean scene in the morning.

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Nellie’s Wow Mop Oscillating Floor Mop

Make that freshly swept floor shine and glow. Nellie’s Wow Map is powered by a high-frequency motor that moves the mop head at six scrubs per second. Dirt and grime don’t stand a chance.

Pro tip: Let wet floors dry for at least 30 minutes before stepping on them.

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Youcopia Food Storage Lid Organizer

Finding the right plastic lid is a chore in its own right. Youcopia keeps this notoriously jumbled mess neatly contained and organized and makes it easier to find the lid you’re looking for.

Pro tip: Missing the lid? Toss the container. Trust us, you’ll feel so much better.

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Wet-It Swedish Dishcloth

Don’t reach for paper towels when you need to wipe down surfaces. Instead, go for a Wet-It dishcloth. Far more absorbent than any paper towel, these Swedish-designed cleaners are durable, machine washable, and reusable for months.

Pro tip: Toss this biodegradable cloth in the compost bin when its time is up.

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Drill Brushes Scrubbing Brush for Drill

Get a super-deep clean with a brush attachment head for your power drill. Pick from Drill Brushes heads with bristles suited for different jobs ranging from cleaning carpet and upholstery to scrubbing grout and brick.

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Got spring cleaning fever? Find more cleaning helpers in our cleaning and organization collection.

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