7 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

After being cooped up all winter, what’s a better way to get ready for summer than the difficult but soul-cleansing ritual of spring cleaning? For anyone like us who looked around and audibly gulped at the amount of house prep you need to tackle before the dog days of summer comes ’round, have no fear!  We know just how to help make the spring cleaning ritual a little easier.

Glider -Magnetic Window Cleaner

When you open your windows to let that fresh spring air in, you’ll probably realize how gross they are. With Glider, you can clean the outside of your windows from the inside. Super strong earth magnets connect two sides of the cleaner through a window pane making the job of window washing a painless experience.

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WISP – Hand Broom and Dustpan Set

The secret to a good broom? Bristles. The WISP Broom set is armed with thousands of dense bristles that stay flush to your floor and are even electrostatic to actually attract dirt and pet hair so you can be sure nothing is left behind.

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EyeVac – Home Touchless Vacuum

Sweeping up the salt and sand that’s accumulated on your floor becomes a lot easier with an automatic dustpan to help you. EyeVac is a touchless vacuum that picks up whatever mess you put in front of it. You might actually enjoy sweeping now.

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Nellie’s Wow Mop – Oscillating Floor Mop

After a clean sweep, give any hardwood floor a buffed, sheen finish. Nellie’s Wow Map is powered by a high-frequency motor and moves at six scrubs per second so dirt and grime don’t stand a chance. Plus, it’s kind of fun to use.

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Youcopia – Lid Organizer

Finding the right plastic lid is a chore in its own right. But Youcopia has a suite of kitchen organizers to wrangle not only lids, but tea bags, spices, and plastic wraps, too. And they’re all customizable so you can organize your space, on your terms.

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Force of Nature – Electrolyzed Cleaning Kit

You can create a powerful, non-toxic cleaner with just the contents of your newly organized kitchen at the press of a button. Force of Nature transforms salt water and vinegar into sodium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid. It’s like a little science experiment that helps you clean your house!

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Wet-It – Swedish Dishcloth

Need something to wipe the counters and swab the tables? Don’t reach for a dozen paper towels. Use Wet-It. Far more absorbent than any paper towel, these Swedish-designed dishcloths are machine washable so you can use them for months. Clean and green!

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Cyber Clean – Germ-Eliminating Cleaning Kit

Your phone, car, and other devices are dirty all year round, but since we’re in the cleaning spirit, let’s introduce Cyber Clean. This putty reaches all the hard-to-clean, easy-to-miss places like in between keys on a keyboard and vents in your dashboard all while eliminating 99% of germs along the way. And it’s just really satisfying to use. 

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We hope these products will help get you in the cleaning spirit, and make sure your house is looking clean, smelling fresh, and ready to host your loved ones this summer. 

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